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What's Up, Tiger Lily? - 1966 Movie Quotes

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bigcat58 If we could walk on water they wouldn't dare shoot at us. (full quote)
bigcat58 1) Then who are you? 2) Phil Moskowitz, loveable rogue. (full quote)
bigcat58 Death and danger are my various breads and various butters. (full quote)
bigcat58 All right men, we're on water. I don't want any of you walking to far to the left, or to the right. Remember the training films we saw about how people sink? (full quote)
  Get the recipe, ass! (full quote)
  NO, I am Shepard Wong. Well, two Wongs....don't make a Wright. (full quote)
11538 I'm going to develop these photographs, and then I'll have a laugh at your chubby thighs. (full quote)
11538 Bringing the joy of promise and fulfillment in its most primitive form. (full quote)
11538 Meet me in the bedroom in five minutes...and bring a cattle prod. (full quote)
13040 This Peter Lorre imitation is killing my throat (full quote)
Genofreek You'll never guess, but I'm not wearing any pants! (full quote)
Genofreek They kill, they maim and they call information for numbers they could easily look up in the book. (full quote)
Genofreek No bullets? Ah, but if all of you in the audience who believe in fairies will clap your hands, then my gun will be magically filled with bullets. (full quote)
Genofreek Don't tell me what I can do, or I'll have my mustache eat your beard. (full quote)
Genofreek Majah: Good afternoon. I am the Grand Exalted High Majah of Raspur, a nonexistent but real-sounding country. Phil: Uh-huh. Majah: Yes. We're on a waiting list. As soon as there's an opening on the map, we're next. (full quote)
Genofreek I'm dying. call my rabbi. (full quote)
  Shepherd Wong: That's too bad. I was going to marry her. I already put a deposit on twin cemetery plots. (full quote)
  Kidnap us and step on it. (full quote)
10929 That's too bad. I was going to marry her. I already put a deposit on twin cemetery plots. (full quote)
laser48 I'd call you a pseudo-sado-masochistic necrophiliac, but that would just be beating a dead horse. (full quote)
bigcat58 1) Woody, because the story is so difficult to follow, would you give the audience and me a brief rundown of what's happened so far? 2) No. (full quote)
bigcat58 I didn't order any fumigation. It's Wing Fool you fat! I mean Wing Fat you fool! Back to the ship! (full quote)
bigcat58 1) What's going on? 2) I think we're winning, chief! Follow me, men! AHHHH!!! 1) Creep. (full quote)
bigcat58 1) Are you ready yet? What are you doing down there? 2) I'm selecting an appropriate mustache. It's a good thing I save all my old shaves. (full quote)
bigcat58 1) Why the look of consternation? 2) I thought you said you loved me. How come we're tied up? 1) I love you in my own way. (full quote)
bigcat58 1) The Raspur government will pay dearly for this. 2) You'll never find them! They're not on the map yet. (full quote)