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Bedazzled - 1967 Movie Quotes

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4921 Dear Miss Spencer, This is just to say cheerio. Yours sincerely, Stanley Moon. P.S. : I leave you my collection of moths. (full quote)
6785 The sound of her voice is like....a thousand violins playing! (full quote)
  A Frobisher and Gleacon rasberry flavored ice lolli. (full quote)
  Now for the magic words....Julie Andrews! (full quote)
  what terrible sins I have working for me. I suppose it's the wages. (full quote)
  You fill me with inertia. (full quote)
  Well, I suppose Lust and Gluttony really have to be rather near the bathroom. (full quote)
  Dear Miss Spencer, This is just to say cheerio. Yours Sincerely, Stanley Moon. P.S.: I leave you my collection of moths. (full quote)
  Hot toast - or buttered buns? (full quote)
  You realize that suicide's a criminal offense. In less enlightened times they'd have hung you for it. (full quote)
  I'm the Horned One. The Devil. Let me give you my card. (full quote)
  You're not wearing nylon underwear, are you? It disintegrates at high speeds (full quote)
  This is the club room. Quite nicely decorated and painted - early Hitler. (full quote)
  You see, a soul's rather like your appendix: totally expendable. (full quote)
  It's the standard contract. Gives you seven wishes in accordance with the mystic rules of life. Seven Days of the Week, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Seas, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers... (full quote)
  All we need to do now, then, is get it witnessed. Sloth would be best. He's a lawyer. (full quote)
  Now, then, what'd you like to be first? Prime Minister? Oh, no, I've made that deal already. (full quote)
  The garden of Eden was a boggy swamp just south of Croydon. You can see it over there. (full quote)
  There was a time when I used to get lots of ideas... I thought up the Seven Deadly Sins in one afternoon. The only thing I've come up with recently is advertising. (full quote)
10929 --You're a nutcake. --They said the same of Jesus, Galileo,... --They said the same of a lot of nutcakes, too. (full quote)
10929 I will make the world so noisy and disgusting that even you will be ashamed of yourself. (full quote)
48963 Here, my ice lollies melted. You must be the devil!. (full quote)
48963 That's Lillian Lust, the babe with the bust. (full quote)
48963 LOVE ME!! (full quote)