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Devil's Brigade, The - 1968 Movie Quotes

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42119 Is it true that all you Yanks are thieves and murderers? (full quote)
42119 major: God save the King Captain: God save us all (full quote)
42119 At the cannery where I worked, we threw away better material that this (full quote)
42119 If you won at Dunkirk, you lost. I'm training these men to win (full quote)
42119 You're saying nobody invited the Canucks. what burns me is who the hell invited you? (full quote)
42119 It's not so much the heat, it's the humilty (full quote)
10929 You've been in-and-out of nine different camps because you're the biggest chiseler, hustler, and scrounger in the whole Army. (full quote)
10929 --There will be no more insulting or derogatory remarks about the Yanks. --Oh, would ordinary insults be acceptable, sir? (full quote)
33944 Now you just said nobody invited the Canucks. But what burns me, big-mouth is just who the hell invited you!!! (full quote)
33944 Sir, may I presume to offer you a drink? (full quote)
33944 1/_ You're an insolent bastard, aren't you? 2/_ You're right sir, 200 German prisoners will tell you that (full quote)
33944 Today I had the pleasure of interrogating some German prisoners....and they said some flattering things about us... *gangsters!* *murderers!* *savages!*... but the most flattering and memorial compliment came from their commanding officer... and he referred to us as *Die Teufel's Brig├Ąde* members of The Devils Brigade.... long life... [toast] To the Devil!!! (full quote)
33944 Faith *moves* mountains, it doesn't take 'em (full quote)