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Anne of the Thousand Days - 1969 Movie Quotes

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  You make love as you eat, with a great deal of noise and no subtlety! (full quote)
  wilt thou bed with thee? (full quote)
29649 Henry, aren't you going to kiss your daughter? When she has a brother (full quote)
  But Elizabeth was yours. Watch her as she grows. She's yours. She's a Tudor. Get yourself a son off that sweet pale girl if you can. And hope that it will live. But Elizabeth shall reign after you. Yes, Elizabeth! Child of Anne the whore and Henry the bloodstained letcher shall be queen. (full quote)
10929 Power is as exciting as love, I discover. (full quote)
10929 Elizabeth shall be a greater queen than any king of yours. (full quote)
10929 Divorce is like killing. After the first time, it doesn't seem so difficult. (full quote)