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Five Easy Pieces - 1970 Movie Quotes

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4391 1)Now all you have to do is hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich, and you haven't broken any rules. 2)You want me to hold the chicken, huh? 1)I want you to hold it between your knees (full quote)
10929 --Hey, follow that truck. They know the best places to stop. --That's an old maid's tale. --Bullshit! Truck drivers are the only ones that know the best places to stop on the road. --Salesmen and cops are the ones. If you'd ever waitressed, Honey, you'd know that. --Don't call me Honey, Mac. --Don't call me Mac, Honey. (full quote)
10929 I move around a lot. Not because I'm looking for anything really, but 'cause I'm getting away from things that get bad if I stay. (full quote)
10929 You're a very strange person, Robert. I mean, what would it come to? If a person has no love for himself, no respect for himself, no love of his friends, family, work, something...How can he ask for love in return? I mean, why should he ask for it? (full quote)
10929 --what are you doing screwing around with all this crap? --I do not find your language very charming. --It isn't. It's direct. --I'd like you to leave so that I can take a bath. Is that direct? (full quote)
10929 --You love me, Bobby? --what do you think? (full quote)
10929 Stand By your Man. (full quote)
The Raven Palm:) Fantastic that you could figure all that out and lay that down on her so you could come up with a way to get your toast. Fantastic! Bobby): Yeah, well, I didn't get it, did I? Palm:) No, but it was very clever. I would have just punched her out. (full quote)
The Raven Palm:) You know, I read where they, uh, invented this car that runs on, ummm...that runs on, ummm...when you boil water? Terry): Steam. Palm:) Right, steam. A car that you could ride around in and not cause a stink. But do you know they will not even let us have it? Can you believe it? Why? Man! He likes to create a stink! I mean, I've seen filth that you wouldn't believe. Ugh! what a stink! I don't even want to talk about it. (full quote)
The Raven I said don't point at her, you pompous celibate! (full quote)
10929 If you wouldn't open your mouth, everything would be just fine. (full quote)
10929 I'm sorry it didn't work out. (full quote)
10929 Well, I'll come back when you make up your mind. (full quote)
10929 No substitutions. (full quote)
10929 I don't make the rules. (full quote)