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Women in Love - 1969 Movie Quotes

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  I don't want it anyway...I'm tired...I want to sleep. (full quote)
  We are spiritually and mentally close, therefore we should be physically close too, it's more complete. (full quote)
  Their hate is better than your love. You made a fortune exploiting them, and now your trying to ease your guilt by slipping them a few coins. At least I give them a fair salary...if they can do the work. (full quote)
  And what have you to offer as an alternative? An eternity of domesticity at Shortlands? My God! when I think of you and your world and your coal mine it makes my heart sick! Your so limited your a dead end you cannot love! (full quote)
  After Laura's death..father's will collapsed. We haven't had much illness in the house either..not until father. It's something you don't reckon with until its there. And then you realize it was there all the time! It was always there. The possibility of this incurrable illness, this creeping death...there's nothing left. Do you see what I mean? You seem to be reaching at the void until you discover that your a void yourself. You know you can't go on holding up the roof forever, you know that sooner or later you've got to let go, so you don't know what to do. (full quote)
10929 How frightfully kind of you. (full quote)