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Shaft - 1971 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
9596 That Shaft is a bad mutha----SHUT YO MOUTH----I'm just talkin bout Shaft. (full quote)
20397 the man comes down here again to see you, you make sure you be here... waiting! (full quote)
27312 [1] Shaft, where are you going? [2] I'm going to get laid, where are you going? (full quote)
10929 You are one wise caucasian, Vic! (full quote)
10929 Warms my heart to see you so concerned about us minority folks. (full quote)
10929 --You ain't so black. --And you ain't so white either, baby. (full quote)
10929 --You a cagey spook, Bumpy. (full quote)
10929 Up yours, baby. (full quote)
10929 I get 50 bucks an expenses. (full quote)
10929 --Have a chair, John. --I don't like your chair. (full quote)
10929 --Harlem cats? --How the hell should I know? Everyone looks the same to me. (full quote)
10929 Now be cool, man. (full quote)
10929 --what do I look like? Some kind of klutz? --Don't ask and I won't tell you. (full quote)
10929 A lot of cats hate my guts. (full quote)
10929 We're all on the hustle. (full quote)
hlomax Is it snowing out there; Sure ain't cotton baby... Sure ain't cotton. (full quote)