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Emperor of the North - 1973 Movie Quotes

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  A-No.1: (To Cigarette) You ain’t stopping at this hotel kid. My hotel.......the stars at night, I put them there. And I know the presidents, all of them. And I go where I damn well please, even the Chairman of the New York Central can’t do it better. My road kid, and I don’t give lessons and I don’t take partners. Your ass don’t ride this train. Hey kid you got no class..............Hits the bums kid. Run like the devil. Get a tin can and take up mooching. Knock on back doors for a nickel. Tell them your story. Make em weep. You could have been a meat eater kid..........But you didn’t listen to me when I laid it down.............Stay off the tracks. Forget it. Its a bum’s world for a bum. Your never be Emperor of the North Pole Kid. You had the juice kid but not the heart and they go together. Your all gab and no feel and nobody can teach you that, not even A-No.1. So stay off the train, she’ll throw you under for sure. Remember me for that. so long kid. (full quote)
10929 A man and a train. (full quote)