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Enter the Dragon - 1973 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4385 huh...a human fly (full quote)
4768c Don't concentrate on the finger else you'll miss all the heavenly you understand? (full quote)
8009 Kick me....Kick me....what was that? An exhibition? We need emotional content, now do it again....I said Emotional content Not ANger!, It's like a finger, pointing to the moon (Smack!) don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory! but I thought...Don't think...FEEL! Now do it again...WITH ME! (full quote)
641 Boards don't hit back. (full quote)
8240 Never take your eyes off your opponent...even when you bow. (full quote)
  Man, you came straight out of a comic book. (full quote)
9277 Wanna bet? (full quote)
9277 you have offended my family...and you have offended a shaolin temple. (full quote)
10110 WILLIAMS: Waddya know about this Han cat? ROPER: I hear he likes to live big. WILLIAMS: They don't live so big. Ghettos are the same all over the world. They stink. ROPER: Huh. Same old Williams. (full quote)
10110 GIRL: where you go? WILLIAMS: Out in the moonlight baby. GIRL: It is not allowed. WILLIAMS: Oh yeah? Goodbye. (full quote)
10110 WILLIAMS: Suddenly, I'd like to leave your island. HAN: It is not possible. WILLIAMS: BullSHIT Mr Han Man!... Man, you come right out of a COMIC book. (full quote)
10110 Guns. Now why don't somebody just pull out a forty five and bang! settle it? (full quote)
  The cause of death was uh...heroin overdose. (full quote)
  you have affended my family and you have affended the shaolin temple (full quote)
11412 It is like a finger pointing the way to the moon, if you stare at the finger you will miss all the heavanly glory (full quote)
  When defeat comes I won't care, because I'll be too busy looking good. (full quote)
10110 PARSONS: What's your style? LEE: My style? You might call it, the art of fighting, without fighting. PARSONS: The art of fighting, without fighting? Show me some. LEE: Alright, but don't you think we need more room? PARSONS: Where? LEE: That island. On the beach. We can take this boat. PARSONS: Okay. (full quote)
10110 WILLIAMS: For me? You shouldn't have. But... I'll take you darlin'. And you. And you. And..... you. If I missed anyone, you'll understand, it's been a big day. I'm a little tired. ANYA: Of course! You must conserve your strength. (full quote)
10110 ROPER: Ah, each more lovely than the last! ANYA: Pick one. ROPER: I already have. ANYA: A wise decision. (full quote)
10110 LEE: There was a girl at the feast tonight. ANYA: Which one? LEE: The owner of this dart. ANYA: Ah yes I think I know the one. I'll have her sent to your room immediately. (full quote)
  your skill is extraordinary (full quote)
14554 O'hara: You must attend the morning ritual in uniform. Lee: Outside. (full quote)
17127 If I lose, I won't even notice. I'll be too busy looking good. (full quote)
  Bolo!...Ghaaaa!! (full quote)
  When my opponent expands, i contract. When my opponent contracts, i expand, and when there is an opportunity..i do not hit(shakes fist), it hits all by itself. (full quote)
  your fight with the guards was magnificent. Your skills are extraordinary, and i was going to ask you to join us. (full quote)
  You aint got sh*t on me mutha f**ker (full quote)
  A good fight should be like a small play but, played seriously. When the opponent expands, I contract. When he contracts, I expand. And when the opportunity presents itself, I do not hit! It hits all by itself. (full quote)
  HAN: There were some questions which I was forced to ask and got no answer. ROPER And you want me to join this? No, there's no misundrstanding between us. (full quote)
  HAN: Are you shocked Mr. Williams? WILLIAMS: Only at how sloppy your man works. (full quote)
33501 O'hara! (full quote)
  FIRST POLICEMAN: This Jigs got a passport to Hong Kong via Hawaii SECOND POLICEMAN: This Jig aint going to Hawaii (full quote)
  dont u think we need a little more space? where? that island over there (full quote)
  mr brethwait:hello mr lee. my name is brethwait. lee: hello mr brethwait. brethwait: ive come to speak to u about a matter of great importance lee: have some tea. brethwait: yes indeed.. THIS IS VERY PLESANT (LOOKING AROUND..) mr lee ive come to speak to u about a tournemant of martiol arts a tournament which u already recieved and invitaion, specificcly a tournemant organize by mr han. lee: hans tournament. brethwait: i know i know i know, but we very much like you to attend that particular tournament mr lee. lee: we mr brethwait?. its laws time.. (full quote)
  Your skills are extraordinary (full quote)
  It's like a finger pointing to the moon. Don't look at the finger or you miss all that heavenly glory. (full quote)