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Godspell - 1973 Movie Quotes

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  Prepare ye the way of the Lord. (they sing it over and over again) (full quote)
  >Hey! I can't see! >what's wrong? >I got my eyes shut! (full quote)
  I SAID KILL IT! (full quote)
  O God, have moicy on me, sinner that I am! (full quote)
  Hello? It's for you! (full quote)
  >Uh-uh! Sorry, no goats. >Baaaa-loney! (full quote)
  >Sheep on his right. >Oh! Oh, the sheep on his right! Oh, I see! Thank you! (full quote)
  Y'hoo-yippity! (full quote)
  I thank thee, O God, that I'm not like other men: greedy, dishonest, adulturous, or by any means, like that tax-gatherer! I pray twice a week! Get that? Twice a week! (full quote)
  (a la penny Marshall) Remember, my child, that all the good things came to you while you were on Earth! (full quote)
  And, the festivities began! (full quote)
11305 Judas-Then the man they called Judas Iscariot went to the chief priests and said, what will you give me to betray him to you? They paid him thirty pieces of silver, and from that moment on he began to look out for an opportunity, to betray him. (full quote)
  'My boy,' said the father, 'you were always with me and everything I have is yours.' (full quote)
4307 1. Remember, my child, that all the good things came to you while you were on Earth, and all the bad to Lois. 2. Lazarus. 1. Abraham. Pleased to meet ya. (full quote)
  >Blech! >Sorry! (full quote)
17716 1) Look at what this shoe says, it says 'Rejoice!' 2) It says 'Keds' (full quote)
  SOMEone's got to be oppressed! (full quote)
  JESUS: No man can serve God-- APOSTLES: What?! JESUS:--and money! (full quote)