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Longest Yard, The - 1974 Movie Quotes

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  Ever do it standing up? (full quote)
  I think I broke his fucking neck! (full quote)
7937 Paul Crewe: You take your football down here real serious, don't you? Caretaker: You mind if I ask you one question? Paul Crewe: Yes, I do mind! Caretaker: Why did you do it? Paul Crewe: It's a long story. Caretaker: Well, I got eight years. (full quote)
7973 I think he broke his fucking neck! (full quote)
8994 Mean machine, Mean machine, Mean machine . . . (full quote)
10110 USA quoters - this movie was called Mean Machine in the UK, and has been remade in 2001 set in a British prison, with soccer, and ex professional soccer player Vinny Jones (Snatch, Lock stock, Swordfish, Gone In 60 Seconds) in the lead role. (full quote)
11157 How do you like them apples? Superstar. (full quote)
11157 All I'm saying is you could of robbed banks, sold dope, stole your grandmother's pension check and none of us would have mind. Shaving points off a football game, man that's unamerican. (full quote)
1501 Now, if it works, I want everyone to hit him. Ready? (Huddle breaks) Blue 69... blue 69... hut! (full quote)
22956 Stick this in your trophy case (full quote)
  He broke my fuckin' nose! (full quote)
  superstar (full quote)
7016 Let's get it on, honey. Come on. (full quote)
8563 You split when I tell you to split, you All-American son of a bitch! (full quote)
8563 Great bunch of guys you got here - strangled both wives with pantyhose, triple murder including body dismemberment, hacked mother with meat cleaver. Charming, charming. (full quote)
8563 You're too expensive to be useless. (full quote)
  Paul Crewe: Why do you think I did it? Caretaker: For the money. (full quote)
8563 Doc said - Quit football or quit walking. My knee had all the operations it could take. I figured walking was better than sitting. Maybe I made the wrong choice. (full quote)
  ... twinkle twinkle little superstar..... (full quote)
8563 I think the love has gone out of our relationship. (full quote)
8563 Now...I want that title. You will give me that title, or you will be out of a job. You and all that overpriced beef you call a team. For all I've given you, we should be in the goddamn Superbowl! I've lost patience, goddamn it! The gravy train is over. This year, you're gonna win! (full quote)
38042 caretaker's manager. (full quote)
  How much is that worth (full quote)
  This quote is from the 2005 version- Paul Crewe- So, you any good at sports? caretaker- I was so bad, they used to pick the white kids before me. caretaker- Well we didnt get the whole chocolate bar but we got a hershey kiss (full quote)
46800 My, you have lovely hair. You ever find any spiders in it? (full quote)
46800 My, you have lovely hair. You ever find any spiders in it? (full quote)
  the ugliest helmets in the world (full quote)