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Where the Lilies Bloom - 1974 Movie Quotes

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  I think it is an excellent family movie. It is funny, serious,and sad, and can be a learning tool to preteens to see just how lucky they have life today. (full quote)
7238 I think it is a good family movie. It is funny, sad, serious and just a good movie for preteens to view just to show them good they have life today. (full quote)
  I think that Julie Gholson was terrific. (full quote)
  I saw this movie on TV when I was about 10 - and I've never seen it since..but it made sucha great impression on me. I loved Julie Gholson! I happened to be looking at one of those Film encyclopedias the other day and came across it - I never saw this actress again..........what happened to her? Does anyone know? She was amazing!! (full quote)
  I went to school with Julie Gholson in B'ham, Alabama. I also wonder whatever happened to her. Her parents were in the B'ham Ballet. All of our schoolmates went to the premier of Where The Lilies Bloom. Does anyone know what happened to her? (full quote)
  This movie is one of those you don't forget, It leaves a great impression on you no matter what your age (full quote)
10929 Oh, this is a fair place to spend eternity. The air smells like honeysuckle. The wind in the pine trees makes a joysome sound. Sometimes in the wind I feel something say my name, telling me to come to some far-off place: Mary, come, Mary, come. (full quote)
  i saw it when i was ten - and wondered if the girl in the movie was a real she was that good. i'd love to know what happened to her. (full quote)