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Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, The - 1975 Movie Quotes

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  Moriarty: Who the hell are you? Holmes assistant: Glass fitter, I was called here to take measurments on your windows. Moriarty: In those fancy cloths? Holmes' assistant: Alete glass, for any class. Moriarty: Is that a fact? Holmes' assistant: You bet your ass. (full quote)
  (after sipping his tea) Holmes: Do you call this tea? assistant: No, I call that hot water, i was rinsing out the mug, when you took it out of my hands. (full quote)
  I said I wanted to touch his winkle (full quote)
deliylah The clue obviously lies in the word 'cheddar.' Let's see now. Seven letters. Rearranged, they come to, let me see, 'Rachedd.' 'Dechdar.' 'Drechad.' 'Chaderd' - hello, chaderd! Unless I'm very much mistaken, chaderd is the Egyptian word meaning 'to eat fat.' Now we're getting somewhere! (full quote)
  come in Miss Liar! (full quote)