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Assault on Precinct 13 - 1976 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
11811 Gotta smoke ? (full quote)
11538 (Napoleon)I don't sit as well as I used to. (full quote)
  You can't argue with a confident man........ (full quote)
33944 You can't argue with a confident man........ (full quote)
33944 1/ It would be a privilege if you'd walk outside with me.... 2/ I KNOW it would______ 1/ You're pretty fancy, Wilson_____ 2/ I have moments.... (full quote)
33944 1/ Coffee??___ 2/ yes please____ 1/ Black?? 2/ For over 30 years.... sorry (full quote)
33944 Look at that...... 2 cops wishing *ME* luck..... I'm dooooomed (full quote)
10929 I was born out of time. (full quote)
10929 I believe in one man. (full quote)
10929 This is a goddamn siege! (full quote)
  G:i want a vanilla twirl! (full quote)
33944 1/ What have you got? 2/ 2 shots... do I save them for you and me? 3/ No way... you save them for the next 2 assholes that come down that hall (full quote)
33944 1/ You're a cop.... you're either curious or you wanna gimme some shit 2/ I don't understand something about you, Wilson.... 1/ Curious... (full quote)
10929 Chains is all I've got to look forward to. (full quote)
10929 Why would anybody want to shoot at a police station? (full quote)
10929 I wanted vanilla twist. (full quote)
10929 I go through all that and his gun isn't even loaded. (full quote)