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Eraserhead - 1977 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4354 Do you eat it like a regular chicken? (full quote)
12114 You really ** are ** sick. (full quote)
  OKAY PAUL!!! (full quote)
  I thought i heard a stranger! We've got chicken tonight, strangest damn things. They're man-made, little damn things! smaller than my fist, but they're new! (full quote)
  I've seen this neighborhood change from pastures to the hellhole it is now! (full quote)
  Look at my knees! Look at my knees! (full quote)
  14 years ago, i had an operation on my arm here, and the doctors said i wouldn't be able to use it. what the hell did they know, i said. And i rubbed it for a half hour every day, and then it got so i could move it, and then i t got so i could turn a faucet, and then, pretty soon, i had my arm back again! Now i can't feel a damn thing in it. All numb! (full quote)
  In heaven, everything is fine, You've got your good things and i've got mine. (full quote)
  do you cut it like fresh chicken (full quote)
46800 1)Marry tells me you're a very nice fellow. what do you do? 2)I-I am on vacation. (full quote)
46800 Did you and Mary have sexual intercourse? (full quote)
  All it does is cry. I1m going home to get some sleep (full quote)