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Slipper and the Rose, The - 1976 Movie Quotes

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19205 L.Chamberlain: Despite all my pomp and circumstance I am not without understanding of your plight - for plight it is. Your love for the prince and his love for you - well that's a very fine and private thing......You were born here so you know that our kingdom while small has enjoyed countless centuries of peace, now that peace is threated by without. There are those who look on our kingdom with greedy eyes... when you look you see nothing but love and hapiness staring you in the face - I see nothing but war and destruction. Therefore the prince must make a marriage of alliance and a sacrifice is to be made. Cinderella: And the sacrifice- is to be me Lord Chamberlain: Yes - It has been suggested that given proper dowry and arrangements fitting to your circumstances Cinderella: To leave him now Lord Chamberlain: To leave him now before it is too late Cinderella: But he would search for me again - he would search for me and find me I know he would! Lord Chamberlain: Yes - that is true but we have thought of that you will be taken this very night to a secret place of exile far beyond our borders Cinderella: You have forgotten nothing then, I thank you for relaying the message with courage and understanding you were well chosen for the task Lord Chamberlain: My lady - Your ladies in waiting will be sent for Cinderella: In bowing to the Royal demands - I must be allowed to make one of my own - it is not much and with your skill & experience you will not find it very difficult. Lord Chamberlain: My lady Cinderella: I wish you to tell his Royal Highness, Prince Edward - I wish you to tell him - tell him. Tell him that it wasn't love - say I tried say I lied, tell him I'm unworthy of what he feels inside. Tell him that you heard me say what seemed right just last night simply seemed to fade away in the light of day - (full quote)
  you freightened her you fool!!! (full quote)
  And in my happiness i forgive you all (full quote)
31774 Why can't I be two people? split myself right in half? (full quote)
  Forgive Me How Dare She Forgive me!! (full quote)