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Sparkle - 1976 Movie Quotes

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12136 1. Ladies and gentlemen, the Farts! 2. It's the Hearts, man! (full quote)
  You had an accident alright. An accident in the brain for getting involved with that low-life dirty trash! (full quote)
  You big sister can't fly on one wing (full quote)
12136 Feels so good, it must be a sin! (full quote)
12136 1) You don't have to do our ironing for us. You ain't our maid 2) I always iron for those that I love 3) Even those crackers you work for? (full quote)
12136 That's church! That ain;t being on stage in front of all those people! Why I'd shit in my pants! (full quote)
12136 I didn't drop a dime on you, but I wish I did (full quote)
12136 You all heard about the Cookie sisters? Norna Doone and Nuthin Doone! (full quote)
12136 I do know a rat when I see one (full quote)
12136 It's funny- one brain in this room thinking for two people (full quote)
12136 I seen you ever since I was a little kid, getting up in the middle of the night to take the subway and ride for two hours, to go to their house to do their cooking, to do their ironing, to do their cleaning and scrubbing the shit out of their toilets, and for what, Mama? For what?! (full quote)
12136 There's education like there never was before. We don;t have to be slaves to the white establishment anymore. (full quote)
12136 You're a nice girl, but I think you better stay away from that cake. (full quote)
12136 your sister can't fly on one wing. (full quote)
12136 You had an accident, all right. An accident in the brain for running around with that dirty no-good trash! (full quote)
12136 what else has he been pushing into you besides his fist? (full quote)
12136 Sister, baby, he's just gonna drag you to the gutter with him. (full quote)
12136 You been beating up on women too long. (full quote)
12136 1) Uh oh, I think I'm having a memory tack. The numbers just flew out my head. 2) Well, they better fly right back in there! (full quote)
12136 I want you to CRAWL for me. (full quote)
  My mother took me to see Sparkle at the theater when I was 8. I thought I would be be bored sense it wasn't a karate flick. Lonetta McGee was the first time a woman swoon me! Irene Cara was the first voice that lifted me. I'm 35 now & I still watch it now & then on VHS. I still get the same feeling I felt then. A CLASSIC! (full quote)
10929 Than you. Thank you. You're, you're all making us feel good up here. (full quote)
10929 Love Potion #9. (full quote)