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Goodbye Girl, The - 1977 Movie Quotes

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6899 1) I thought you said you were decent! 2) I am decent. I'm also naked. (full quote)
5757 I DON'T like the panties hanging on the shower rod !!! (full quote)
10929 You were never four-and-a-half. You were born 26. (full quote)
10929 What is it about you that makes a man with a hundred forty-seven I.Q. feel like a dribbling idiot? (full quote)
10929 You know, I love listening to you talk. I hate living with you, but your conversation is first rate. (full quote)
10929 -Congratulations. -For what? -I didn't know what else to say. (full quote)
10929 If you were a Broadway musical, people would be humming your face. (full quote)
10929 -what happened to your eye? -I used it to stop a fist from going through my face. (full quote)
  1) I smell strawberries burning. 2) That is incense. 1) what's incense? 2) It is what I am feeling right now. (full quote)
24366 1. Get me a Coke. Mother doesn't want to have to beat you. 2. No willpower! (full quote)
10929 Never mind that, you're rusting my guitar. (full quote)
34304 1. I was putrid, say it or I'll smash this priceless nine dollar lamp into pieces! 2. Yes yes you were putrid! (full quote)
  and by the way, what do you think was little Lucy's impression of what was going on in Momma's bedroom with Tony Love Em and Leave Em Deforest? (full quote)
  I'm gonna get shot between the goddamn eyes! (full quote)
  Gay liberation is going to hang me from Shakespeare's statue by my genitalia. (full quote)
  Well look at me, I'm all grown up. A man is walking out my door and I am not crumbling into a million pieces. (full quote)
  I am not the one with the daughter. what's the matter? Didn't Lady Ann wash her hands the other night? (full quote)
30083 Get your mother a Coke! (full quote)
30083 No, fine. FINE, HELL with It! (full quote)
10929 The goodbye girl. (full quote)
10929 --How do you feel? --Did you see THE EXORCIST? Then you better leave the room. (full quote)
10929 Oh, God, please let me get hit by a rich man in a Rolls-Royce. (full quote)
  Isn't that what a mature relationship is all about? You root for me, I root for you? Well, its my third time up as cheerleader! (full quote)
10929 Who heard of Al Pacino before The Godfather? (full quote)