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Which Way Is Up? - 1977 Movie Quotes

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11538 (Leroy)Could you help me out, baby? Could you help me out? (Annie Mae)What do you want me to do? (Leroy)Uncross your ankles! (full quote)
11538 (Leroy)spread your legs, bitch! (full quote)
11538 (Leroy)I hope our kids don't turn out like him. (Pop)I heard what you said. Nigger, you got to get some pussy before you can have kids! (full quote)
11538 (Reverend)Now sit down before I lay this glove on your ass! (full quote)
11538 (Leroy)He's got a helluva set of nuts on him! (full quote)
11538 (Leroy)I think I broke my arm. (Vanetta)Don't flatter yourself! If anything's broken, I broke it! (full quote)
  I'ma tell you anotha thang. Sombody stole my piece of chicken. And I hopes they choke on the Goddamn bone!!! (full quote)
MusicMan1685 {As friends show Leroy Jones his picture in the paper!} Leroy: "Damn they made my nose big!" (full quote)
MusicMan1685 {Reverand Lenox Thomas was being chased out of the Church by angry one member threatened to "bite his nose off!!"... Rev Thomas tries to get to his car} Rev Thomas fumbles saying: "KEYS...KEYS!!!" (full quote)