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Wizards - 1977 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  They've killed Fritz! (full quote)
  How true, fairy goddess of the new world! (full quote)
22216 Just wake me up when the planet's destroyed. (full quote)
22216 It ain't no fairy land out there, kid. (full quote)
22216 Coming from Mr. Nice Guy here, those fairies must be something else! (full quote)
  I'm glad you changed your last name, you son of a bitch! (full quote)
  Master loves Larry! Master FEEDS Larry! (full quote)
22216 I think it'd be better if you released me and we all ran away. (full quote)
  One of my all time favorate flix. But them again I am strange. (full quote)
  This movie was a beautiful work of art! Everyone should atleast rent it. That is unless you'd rather watch Bring it On or some other popular, mindless garbage. (full quote)