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Jaws 2 - 1978 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Don't gimmie that shit! POINT! (full quote)
  Brody: i know what a shark looks like because i have seen one up close! Now you better do something about this one, because i don't intend to go through that shit again!! (full quote)
6743 (in a mock British accent) This will be our FINEST hour! (full quote)
14539 No, you eat cheerios. (full quote)
14539 Larry, are we gonna make it to the island? (full quote)
14539 Larry, are we gonna make it to the island? (full quote)
  I want Froot LoopsCHEERIOSYou eat cheerios I want Froot Loops! A:You eat Cheerios (full quote)
  This was no boat accident, this was no boat accident, and it wasn't any propeller; and it wasn't any coral reef, and it wasn't _______, it was a shark. (full quote)
33944 AD LINE: *Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water......* (full quote)
10929 I think we've got another shark problem. (full quote)
10929 You don't have to worry about being sued or being ruined if this turns out to be what I think it is because there won't be anybody here. (full quote)
10929 Sharks don't take things personal, Mr. Brody. (full quote)
10929 Sometimes the most beautiful girls are the loneliest. (full quote)
  (Andy) I wonder why they decided to move. (Brooke) Too hot in the lighthouse? (Mike) Too hot for those two? I don't believe it. (full quote)
Jaws219 open WIIIIIDE!!!!!!! (full quote)
FutureHunter94 1) Don't Cuss It This Time. (full quote)