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Up in Smoke - 1978 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4147 WHOA! Quarter pounder! (full quote)
4147 hey watch out! comin over! geranimo! (full quote)
4147 HEY! you ain't no chic! (full quote)
4147 hold on i got the good shit right here man... oh wait that's my dick. (full quote)
4147 is it heavy suff man? will it blow me away? you better fasten your seatbelt man. (full quote)
4147 that's some heavy shit man. (full quote)
4147 hey man how am i drivin?... i think we're parked man. (full quote)
4147 you just ate the most acid i ever seen anyone eat in my entire life. hey man i never had no acid before man. i hope you're not busy for about a month man. (full quote)
4147 keep on knockin but you can't come innnn! (full quote)
4147 i just thought of somethin real funny man... your mama! hahahaha (full quote)
4147 i'm blind! oh shit i'm blind! (full quote)
4539 Sometimes that helps man (full quote)
1501 #1: Do you know who this is? #2: No! Who is this is? (full quote)
8188 1) you wanna get high? 2) does howdy doody have wooden balls? (full quote)
8188 1) Hey man, he wants to know your name, tell him your name. 2) (Vomits on the seat.) 1) His name is, RAAAAAALPH (full quote)
10369 You get a goddamn job before sundown, or we're shipping you off to military school with the goddamn Finkelstein Shit Kid! Son of a BITCH!! (full quote)
12117 Cheech: what is in this shit, man? Man: Mostly Maui-waui, man... Cheech: Yeah? Man: ... but it's got some labrador in it. Cheech: what's labrador? Man: It's dog shit, man. Cheech: what! Man: Yeah, my dog ate my stash, man. Had it on the table and the little motherfucker ate it. It really blew the dog's mind, man. Cheech: You mean we're smoking dog shit, man? (full quote)
  Later for you, little jail-baits. (full quote)
  what you talkin' bout lame, sucka? (full quote)
14000 The freak with the top and a tire is leaving with a basketball. (full quote)
  Hey Man, light it up.... lets get chinese eyed.... (full quote)
  AWWww thanks an awful lot man. Hey, hey, hey hey hey hey hey hey , hey hey!!! (full quote)
8016 Yeah, my dog ate my stash man. I had it on the table and the little mother F#$%er ate it. I had to following him around with a little baggie for three days until I got it all back, man. (full quote)
Waar Officer: How long have you guys been in Mexico? Pedro: A week. Da-Day-I-I Mean a day. Officer: Which is it, a week or a day? Pedro: A weekday. (full quote)
  officer:what is his name? chong:hey man whats your name? cheech pukes. chong:he said is name is RALLPH MAN. (full quote)
  I got a popper. We could either, like, party later or try to start his heart. (full quote)
EtniesRTheDevil I slept in a ditch last night... almost froze my balls off, man. (full quote)
  Do you understand me, Harry? I am STONED! (full quote)
  Tell the men it's time to shoot the moon. SHOOT THE MOON! (full quote)
  curtis is on the easy (full quote)
  this is the new cut...ya'll be bad, woop woop (full quote)
  E.T. The Extra Testical (full quote)
10929 Up in smoke. (full quote)
10929 Low rider. (full quote)
10929 The buying and selling of dope in this country may be the last vestige of free enterprise left. (full quote)
10929 If we're going to wear uniforms, man, you know, let's everybody wear something different. (full quote)
  Hey man I didn't know your name was Alex (full quote)
10929 It's punk rock, man! (full quote)
42119 Right on man. I didn't know your name was Alex (full quote)
  I got some weed straight from Turkey, boy. TURKEY! Yeah man, It's what gets those arabs off. Check it out man, It will boogie woogie on your mind. (full quote)
  where going to see some people of mine, and they don't like strange dudes. THEY DON'T FUCK AROUND MAN! (full quote)
  Badges, we don't need no stinking badges (full quote)
  Awe Juan, don't beg, go in the kitchen and get your owne! (full quote)
  UUUHHH, We're here to reprocess the furnature! (full quote)
  Ifyou don't get a god damn job by sundown
(full quote)
  I wasn't lookin' at his neck. (full quote)
45263 You are a stupid, stupid man. (full quote)
BONERTIME You mean we're smokin' dog shit, man? (full quote)