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1941 - 1979 Movie Quotes

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1815 We've got to figure out how to make these things smaller! (full quote)
1815 I don't know what they've told you down at the USO, but you're going to be meeting a lot of strange men. Men in uniform. Boys a long way from home, lonely, desperate. They really have one thing on their minds. Show 'em a good time. (full quote)
4119 (in thick Japaneese accent) HOLLYWOOOD! HOLLYWOOD! (full quote)
7836 Jesus Palimina! A Nazi! I knew you was in cahoots. (full quote)
  Get in the back of the tank. (full quote)
  AN6 (full quote)
10929 This isn't the state of California, it's a state of insanity. (full quote)
10929 To Hollywood...and glory! (full quote)
10929 If there's one thing I can't stand seeing, it's Americans fighting Americans. (full quote)
10929 My name's Wild bill Kelso, and don't you forget it! (full quote)
10929 You know, this year wasn't the big year of the war, '41. I think the really big year is going to be 1942. (full quote)
10929 Hey, there's a kraut on board too. We got the whole damn Axis here. (full quote)
10929 Hold your fire! Pass it on. (full quote)
10929 I've learned a very important lesson today, I'll never shop east of Beverly Hills. (full quote)
10929 --War nerves? Who said war nerves? --I heard it on that radio there. --Radio's wrong. (full quote)
10929 down By The Ohio. (full quote)
10929 Daddy. (full quote)
10929 In The Mood. (full quote)
  O Boy O Boy O Boy Ferris Wheels I love ferris wheels!!! (full quote)
  O Boy O Boy O Boy Ferris Wheels I love ferris wheels!!! (full quote)
38042 You ain't gettin' shit outta me! (full quote)
42119 Knock out those lights kid (full quote)
10929 It's going to be a long war. (full quote)
  Look, a baby wolf. where? (full quote)
42119 MOM. Dad's got something stuck in his throat again (full quote)
chasprice Hey boy, watch that knife. (full quote)
10929 Sir, they're rioting in the streets. (full quote)