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North Dallas Forty - 1979 Movie Quotes

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10929 We're not the team. You're the team. We're only the equipment - like the jockstraps and the helmets. (full quote)
10929 I've been ignoring the fact that I'm fallin' apart. (full quote)
  coach wants to see you and make sure you bring your playbook (full quote)
  All Hell Were all whores anyway! (full quote)
  I didin't hurt Jo-bob! (full quote)
  Jo Bob Loves you! (full quote)
  Maxwell- You know Hartman, goodie-two-shoes is fidgeting around like a one-legged cat trying to bury shit on a frozen pond, until old Seth fixes him a couple of pink poontang specials. You know, that crazy drink that I fix for stewardesses? Two shots out of that and Hartman is shot to shit, freaked out. I mean, I never saw a guy having so much fun and crying at the same time! (full quote)
  Conrad Hunter- People who confuse brains and luck can get into a lot of trouble. (full quote)
  If I had a dog that looked like you, I'd shave his butt and make him walk backwards. (full quote)