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Saint Jack - 1979 Movie Quotes

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10929 People make love for so many crazy reasons - why shouldn't money be one of them? (full quote)
10929 --Have you been to Amsterdam, Jack? --Not yet. --They're very sudtle over there. The girls sit in shop windows with red lights burning, right? In case you miss the point. (full quote)
  “Ever hear the one about the guy from the circus? He goes to the doctor, see, and says Doc, I’ve got this terrible rash up my arm; you gotta help me. The doc takes a look and says How did you get that? And the guy says I work in the circus. I give enemas to elephants. To do that, I have to stick my arm up their ass. Well, the doc says, it’s simple: find a new line of work and it’ll clear right up. And the guy says What—and give up show business? (full quote)
  Jack, I can't screw that girl. Never could screw girls who say bullshit. Bullshit this, bullshit that...I can't do it. (full quote)
  Now, the Chinese, they go for Australian girls, y'know, big-boned. The Germans usually go for Tamils. The British don't give a damn as long as they're young and boyish, isn't that right, Colonel (full quote)