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Big Red One, The - 1980 Movie Quotes

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10929 --Did I kill the guy that killed me? --Yes. (full quote)
10929 Survival is the only glory of war. (full quote)
44723 It's just one of your balls, Smitty. These mines were not designed to kill you, just castrate ya. (full quote)
10929 The creepy thing about battle is you always feel alone. (full quote)
cptdad You know how you smoke out a sniper? You send a guy out in the open and you see if he gets shot. They thought that one up at West Point. (full quote)
cptdad The Bangalore Torpedo was 50' long and packed with 85 pounds of TNT and you assembled it along the way. I'd love to meet the asshole who invented it. (full quote)