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Cheech & Chong's Next Movie - 1980 Movie Quotes

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  Aww man! You smell like pee!! (full quote)
  Mexican Americans, love education, so they go to nite school, and take spanish, and get a B. (full quote)
  Mexican Amrican are named Chach and Chellah and Chennah and have a son in law named JEff (full quote)
  Awww, man, someone ripped off the thing I ripped off! (full quote)
  Cheech:Just act real cool, man. Chong:Just act like your a garbage man (full quote)
  your supposed to be a low rider man, were supposed to be cruisin'. (full quote)
  Hey, relax holmes I got it! (full quote)
  Just remember D is that way! (full quote)
  C'mon man, your spillin' that shit all over the place! (full quote)
  Hello! Mexican-Americans like to answer the telephone and say hello to whoever's on the other end! (full quote)
  Mexican-Americans, don't like to barbecue, because the beans fall through the grill. (full quote)
  It's a dick (full quote)
  Well holy sheep shit!!! (full quote)
47955 Red: Ching chang chong bing bang bong! (full quote)