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Coal Miner's Daughter - 1980 Movie Quotes

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4184 Do little took me riding (full quote)
4184 Dolittle took me riding (full quote)
4184 if you live in the mountains you do one of three things coal mine, moonshine, or move it on down the line. (full quote)
  I may be ignorant Doo, but I ain't stupid. (full quote)
6211 Doo, that's my husband, he'll get to acting horny! He'll say, Loretta,spread me up another one of those bologna sandwiches! (full quote)
  Stop makin' that noise! You sound like a ol' bear growlin'. (full quote)
5046 You put the darn bedroom in the front of the house, Doo and the sun comes every morning at 5 o'clock and shines in my eyes! How am I supposed to get any sleep? (full quote)
12169 Stop making that noise...sound like an old bear agrowling (full quote)
13413 Ya ain't too ignernt to learn, are ya? (full quote)
13413 Who's been a sayin that? (full quote)
24366 #1. I've been to Dr. Herndon. #2. Are you sick? #1. No, I'm going to have a baby. #2. Loretty...oh darlin' I think we've found something you know how to do! (full quote)
24366 #1. How many times have you been on the Opry now? #2. Seven times. #1. People are wondering who you're a-sleepin' with to get on so many times. #2. Who's been a-sayin' that? #1. People who have slept with EVERYbody and STILL haven't been on! (full quote)
10929 If you're born in the mountains you got three choices: coal mine, moonshine or movin' down the line. (full quote)
10929 Don't you ever hit her, and don't you take her away from home. (full quote)
34215 You know what they say about baloney, don't you? It makes you horny. (full quote)
42962 My gosh, Doo. where'd ya get all that? (full quote)
42962 reckon y'all set no matter what we say (full quote)
42962 Ain't got no rings, Judge (full quote)
  Stop your growlin, you sound like an old bear or somethin (full quote)
  stranger comin'! stranger comin'!! (full quote)
48285 How come she gets somethin extra? (full quote)
  Woman, you wanna keep that arm, you better get it off my husband! (full quote)
  Is there anything you know how to do right now? (full quote)
  You're going to audition for him in the morning. And next week you're going to be up on that stage, singing in front of all these people here, if I have to kick your ignorant hillbilly ass every step of the way! (full quote)
nn Tiger, life is complete with you, djarum, three unidentified children, Turkish baklava, a certain Greek painting not photo, and a vaca casa in Italy. Now all I need are those 40 parrots and Anastasia. (full quote)