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Ordinary People - 1980 Movie Quotes

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  it sucked (full quote)
  Happy? Ward, you tell me the definition of happy, huh. But first you better make sure your kids are good and safe. That no one's fallen off a horse, or have been hit by a car, or drowned in that swimming pool you're so proud of. And then you come to me and tell me how to be happy! (full quote)
  Can't you see anything in other than terms of how it affects you? (full quote)
6949 Hate him? My God, how could I hate him. Mothers don't hate their sons (full quote)
  It's like falling into a hole and it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And suddenly, it's inside, and you're the hole, and then it's all over, something like that. And it's not really scary, except it is when you think back on it. (full quote)
7016 Give her the goddamned camera! (full quote)
10929 -Anyway. -Hm, what? -Oh, just anyway. It's a conversation starter. -Hm, catchy. -I knew you'd like it. I've been working on it all day. (full quote)
10929 -I made a 74 on a trig quiz. -Oh, really? Gosh, I was awful at trig. -Oh. Really? You took trig? -No...wait a minute...ha, did I take trig? Huh...anyway, I bought you two shirts. They're on your bed. (full quote)
10929 A little advice about feelings, kiddo. Don't expect it always to tickle. (full quote)
10929 It's really important to try to hurt me, isn't it? (full quote)
10929 what do people have in common with mothers anyway? (full quote)
10929 555-2368 (full quote)
34986 Maybe you were stronger. (full quote)
34986 I'm trying to goddamn understand him! Don't talk to me the way he talks to you. (full quote)
34986 You would have come if Buck was in the hospital. ---- Buck never would have been in the hospital! (full quote)
34986 I feel bad about this, I feel really bad about this, just LET ME FEEL BAD ABOUT THIS! (full quote)
  A little bit of advice when feeling - kido. Don't always expect it to tickel. (full quote)
36199 Did they use shock therapy... I never woulda let them put electricity in my brain. (full quote)
36199 (1)what? what was your one mistake?(2) I held on. (full quote)
36199 (1)He just needs you to tell him you don't hate him.(2) Hate him/ Mothers don't hate their sons. (full quote)
10929 I'd like to be more in control. (full quote)
44592 Conrad: Hi, is Karen there? Karen's Dad: Karen is dead. She killed herself (Conrad hangs up phone and has emotional breakdown) (full quote)
  Conrad: Okay. All right. Once I tried to kill myself, how’s that? Berger: That,is an old turkey. I am talking what have you done lately. Conrad: Lately! Listen, if you --- listen! I am never going to be forgiven for that, never! (full quote)
10929 If you can't feel the pain, then you're not going to feel anything else either. (full quote)
10929 I believe in God. (full quote)
  that i jack off a lot (full quote)
10929 There's a doctor in Highland Park. (full quote)