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Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams - 1981 Movie Quotes

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  Cheech: you need to quit doing that coke man, it does somthing to your brain, your not going to have a brain no more man Chong:Man lots of smart people snort coke Cheech: oh yeah lots of people snort coke huh, like who? Chong: like, like Sherlock holmes snorts coke, and he isn't so stupid! (full quote)
  1)The maid refuses to clean your room. 2)You couldn't pay her to go in there. (full quote)
  My balls itch! (full quote)
  sergeant stadenko: to take downa doper you yourself must bcome a smoker (full quote)
  Heeeeyyyyy!Heeeeyyyy!Heeeeyyyy! (full quote)
  Cheech:Hey man,we're in the nuthouse.Chong:You know where we are,man?Cheech:what?Chong:We're in the nuthouse. (full quote)
  Don't take a check! (full quote)
45263 HAMBURGER. (full quote)
45263 Chong; Hey man, she thinks I'm Jerry Garcia. Cheech; Hey I'm Santana, man. (full quote)
estevan2157 Hey man you got a point there......just let your hair grow and nobody will notice it. Piss on em. (full quote)