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Clash of the Titans - 1981 Movie Quotes

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1501 A helmet! A sword! A shield! (full quote)
1501 There is one way, but a way, more dangerous than the kraaken itself! (full quote)
13080 I beat him at his own game. I simply turned myself into a shark. (full quote)
  Goddess- What if courage and imagination were to become everyday mortal qualities? What would become of us? Zeus- Then we would no longer be needed. (full quote)
1501 Find, and fulfill your destiny. (full quote)
princesstigereyes The young; why don't they ever listen, when will they ever learn? (full quote)
princesstigereyes I have found my destiny. (full quote)
princesstigereyes 1. We have told you all that we know. We can tell you no more. 2. Now give us the eye!! 3. We must have it!! Give us the eye! 4. Here, catch! (full quote)
princesstigereyes 1. I demand justice! 2. Do you demand justice, or revenge? (full quote)
10929 Even if we, the gods, are abandoned or forgetten, the stars will never fade. Never. They will burn till the end of time. (full quote)
1501 The eye! Give us the eye! (full quote)
TheFilmFreak The son of Zeus is to be left to the whim of chance, while mine is punished with deformity. It is time for chance to intervene. Time you saw something of the world, Perseus. Time to know the terrors of the dark and look on death. Time your eyes were opened to grim reality. Far to the east, across the sea, in Joppa, in the kingdom of Phoenicia. (full quote)