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Student Bodies - 1981 Movie Quotes

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2946 Heeeeere's breather! (full quote)
2946 My luck, I picked a jogger! (full quote)
2946 you like eggplant? (full quote)
  Garbage gets me hot. (full quote)
  I'd like to kill the kid with the gum. (full quote)
  The producers of this motion picture, have asked me to take this opportunity to say; fuck you. (full quote)
46800 Toby: Who could have done these murders? Hardy: I don't know. It could have been anybody. Toby: Well, it can't be anybody. It's gotta be somebody. Hardy: Of course it's somebody, but that somebody could be anybody. Toby: Well, look, we didn't do it, right? Hardy: Right. Toby: So you can't say it could be anybody. We're anybody. Hardy: True, but we're also somebody. (full quote)
46800 Charles: Hey, man, that's my parking space! Can't you see I'm blind? Wheels: Hey, I'm more handicapped than you! I can't even make love to a woman. Charles: I can never find one! Now move it! Wheels: Hey, that's our parking spot! Patti: Great physical beauty can be a handicap, too. (full quote)
46800 Hasn't there been enough senseless killing? Let's have a murder that makes sense! (full quote)
46800 Dead men tell no tales, but they fart. (full quote)
46800 You don't need your family. You don't need your friends. As long as you have a horsehead bookend. (full quote)