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Last American Virgin, The - 1982 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
1ajas Tom's brother screws that blond like he owns her. (full quote)
1ajas (1)Busy day for you today, huh? (2)Are you here to interview me or to fuck me? (full quote)
1ajas (1)it's down... there (nods to crotch) (2)Your balls itch? (2)(nods) (1)You've got crabs! (full quote)
1ajas (1)Bullshit, Gary. He took her to the football field to bust her cherry and you know it. (2) slaps (1) (full quote)
1ajas (in a hushed voice) Would you get the fuck outta here already? You're embarrassing the shit outta me, now split! (full quote)
  Victor: It's 9 1/2, messure it again. Gary: We're not including your balls, Victor. (full quote)
  Okay, pizza boy! Anytime, man! (full quote)
  Look at the way she's sucking on that straw! (full quote)
  I'd rather screw Godzilla than them! (full quote)
  And then you shove it up your ass! (full quote)
  Your balls itch? (full quote)
  Gary: You fucked Karen!? Rick: whatya want me to do, show you an instint replay? (full quote)
  what an nymfo! (full quote)
  what an nympho! (full quote)
36602 Garry man you're gonna regret this! (full quote)
36602 (Rick talking to Garry) I F**ked Karen! (full quote)
36602 Got any sweet'n'low? (full quote)
  AWWW RICK IS HERE (full quote)