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My Favorite Year - 1982 Movie Quotes

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4921 Live? I can't go on live!!! I'm a movie star, not an acor! (full quote)
4921 Live? I can't go on live!!! I'm a movie star, not an actor! (full quote)
  Hey, this is for women only! So is this mum , but every now and then I have to run a little water through it. (full quote)
20425 I'm not an actor! I'm a MOVIE STAR!!! (full quote)
  She has Merle Oberon's eyes. Oh really? And what's Merle doing for eyes? Using Katherine Hepburn's? (full quote)
10929 Nineteen-fifty-four was a pretty good year all around. (full quote)
10929 It was the year we finally got rid of Joe McCarthy. (full quote)
10929 How high the moon. (full quote)
JessHays B: I'm supposed to be watching you! S: Well, watch this (pours drink)! (full quote)
JessHays Sy: He's plastered! A.S. (weaving): So are some of the finest erections in Europe. (full quote)
JessHays (handing other man a drink) You can watch me, or you can join me. One of the two is more fun. (full quote)
JessHays S: Alfredo, telephone the Stork Club, we'll be two for dinner. Alfredo: You sure you want the Stork Club? S: It's been a year and a half. Surely they've repaired the wall of the bandstand by now. (full quote)
JessHays Appalled Woman: This (restroom) is for ladies only! S: (unzipping fly) So is THIS, madam ... but every now and then I need to run a little water through it. (full quote)
JessHays B: Let's NOT do this! It's too dangerous. S: Nonsense! It worked perfectly well in 'A Slight Case of Divorce.' B: That was a MOVIE! This is REAL LIFE! S: (puzzled) what's the difference? (full quote)
JessHays I haven't performed in front of a audience in twenty-eight years. I played a butler ... I had ONE LINE! (pauses) I FORGOT IT! (full quote)
  ma, he's an actor, not a river. (full quote)
42119 Double the lad's bet for me, you toad (collapses) (full quote)
10929 --what are you ashamed of? --Everything. (full quote)
10929 Dying is easy; comedy is hard. (full quote)
42119 You're right. I do love the removal business (full quote)
33944 1954.. you don't get years like that anymore (full quote)
33944 Here's where we wrote the show... 30 Rockerfella Plaza... *30 Rock*, we called it (full quote)
33944 [watching a movie] 1/_This is *Captain from Tautuga* 2/Captain from crap! (full quote)
33944 1/_Everytime you come near me, you embarrass and humiliate me... I mean, what do you want from me??! 2/_Sex (full quote)
33944 1/_I don't trust watches 2/_Why? 1/_One hand is shorter than the other (full quote)
33944 1/_Did you like the shoes I sent ya? 2/_They were the wrong size.... and they were used (full quote)
33944 1/_He's plastered!! 2/_So are some of the finest erections in Europe (full quote)
33944 I dunno....he is a legend. One of the biggest stars ever. A guy like this is one of a kind. A guy like this is irreplacable!!... replace him, Leo (full quote)
33944 Fifty bucks Swan takes a dive!... heyyyyy *swan-dive* badooom-boom! (full quote)
33944 1/_My dear fellow, what I do with my schlong is my business 2/_How's business? 1/_Never better (full quote)
33944 1/_We had an understanding 2/_What *understanding* 1/_That I'm hopelessly in love with you and you couldn't care less about me 2/_You could say that (full quote)
33944 *Chili sauce* ___Stay away from this.... a few drops of this and your tongue dials the fire department (full quote)
33944 Kathryn, Jews know two things: suffering and where to get great Chinese food (full quote)
33944 1/_Do you think there are *funny* people and *not funny* people? 2/_Yes, definitely....on the *funny* side there is the Marx Brothers, except Zeppo; The Ritz Brothers, no exceptions; Both laurel and Hardy; and Woody Woodpecker... on the *unfunny* side there is anyone who plays the piano-accordian professionally (full quote)
33944 1/_Bye-the-bye Stone, where is this Brooklyn? 2/_Another world (full quote)
33944 Ma, it's not *Al*. If I bring Capone or Jolson, then it's *Al* (full quote)
33944 1/_I think I'm going to be *unwell* 2/_Stone, ladies are unwell, gentlemen vomit (full quote)
33944 You know what they say about me Stone, *you can depend on Alan Swan, he will always let you down* (full quote)