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Sophie's Choice - 1982 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
5990 Soddem of the north (full quote)
14245 Oh Stingo, you are looking very are wearing your cocksucker.... (full quote)
14245 Nein! Ich kann nicht wahlen! Ich kann nicht wahlen! (No, I can't choose, please dont make me choose!) (full quote)
14245 back to Krakow, baby! back to Krakow! (full quote)
  Hasty? (full quote)
10929 This ridiculous language...there's too many words. (full quote)
  We've had great times, you and I. We could have talked about sports. Southern sports, like lynching n*****s. So long, Cracker. See you in another life. (full quote)
  I knew that Christ had turned away from me, and that only a Jesus who no longer care for me could kill those people that I love but leave me alive, with my shame, oh, God, so I kneel down and take that piece of glass and I cut, cut my wrist but I didn't die of course, of course not. (full quote)
  Two weeks later, the Gestapo killed Jozef. They had courage. Oh, god, they had courage. (full quote)
10929 I can't choose! (full quote)