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Cujo - 1983 Movie Quotes

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6743 Vic: Monsters, stay out of Tad's room! You have no business here. No monsters in Tad's closet. Where else? Tad: Under the bed. Vic:Ok. No monsters under Tad's bed. You cannot fit under there. No monsters outside Tad's window. You can't hold on out there. Ok? They have no business here. (full quote)
6743 I got you a present, Joe. You give me one too, okay? I want to go away for a week...with visit my sister in Connecticut. (full quote)
9672 over, done with, gone (full quote)
6743 Vic:What is it, Tad?/ Tad:I don't want you to go away.../ Vic: Well, I'll be back--I'll be back in ten days./ Tad:But I don't want to go to day camp./ Vic:Well, why don't you give that another day or two, alright!?/ Tad: Who's gonna say the moster words; mommy don't know 'em./ Vic: C'mere. Uh, see, Tad, the thing about the monster words is that they're written down. Yeah, that's the only way your dad can know them so I'll tell you what I'll do; I'll write them down for you and tack them on your bedroom wall and....that way your mom can read them for you./ Tad: Really?/ Vic: Really. I promise--I'll write them down for you tonight.......I love you, Tad. (full quote)
13032 the movie cujo is a very fine movie. (full quote)
20918 1)Can he get us in here? 2)No. 1)Can he eat his way in here? Can he? 2)No. 1)I wish he would die. 2)Me too. (full quote)
  I don't give a shit! (full quote)
  Nope...nothing wrong here ! (full quote)