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Educating Rita - 1983 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4921 You can be a real misery, can't you? I was dead happy when I came in. Now I feel like I'm having a bad night in the morgue. (full quote)
5757 1. I'm a hairdresser. 2. Oh dear. By choice? (full quote)
24366 Don't you just ADORE Mahler? (full quote)
10929 --what do you want to know? --Everything. (full quote)
  I think I'll move to Australia ...... it's just the place for people like me (full quote)
463 1: Are you fond of Ferlengetti? (sp!) 2: only when its served with Parmesean Cheese (full quote)
10929 Need you? Most of the time he can hardly see you! (full quote)
  I wish I could speak like you (full quote)
  Every time y' try an' write a letter or a note with that pen, it won't work; you'll read that inscription an' it'll make you feel dead guilty - cos y' not writing poetry. (full quote)
  definition of a word . Rita said does not rhyme (full quote)