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Local Hero - 1983 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
10325 And MacIntyre, get yourself a shave. (full quote)
  Even when one man may be the strongest in the world, it only takes one other to bring him down (full quote)
  jondonn (full quote)
10929 I'd make a great Gordon, Gordon. (full quote)
  - Are there 2 L's in dollar, Gideon???......' - Yes!!....And there are 2 g's in bugger off..... (full quote)
10929 A good car is important. I used to get migraine headaches when I drove a Chevy. (full quote)
10929 You don't eat things with names! (full quote)
33944 Cal, I got a confession to make.... I'm not Scottish (full quote)
33944 1/ Are there 2 L's in *dollar*, Gideon??? 2/ Yes!!...... And there are 2 g's in *bugger off* (full quote)
33944 Mr Mac.... there's a Mr Happer from Houston on the phone for you.... H._A._P._P._P._E._R. Happer..... he made me spell it (full quote)
33944 1/ Do you think Gordon and Stella do it every night? 2/ Of course not! (full quote)
33944 1/_Could I have some toothpaste please.... something with flouride or ammonia.... and some shampoo? 2/_ Dry; Normal or Greasy? 1/_ Normal.... *extra*... normal 2/_ Here you are.... this'll do your drandruff too (full quote)
33944 [phonecall]____ 1/ Happer? 2/ Yes? 1/ You're a shit Happer, a worthless piece of crap, have I told you that today? (full quote)
33944 We've been invaded by America, we're all gunna be rich... we won't have anywhere to call home but we'll be *stinkin'* rich (full quote)
kennyp1 Ahh, you're a lucky man MacIntyre (full quote)
pmbtx Whose baby? (full quote)
pmbtx If he mentions anything about sand sir, offer him anything up to half a bucket full. (full quote)