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Never Say Never Again - 1983 Movie Quotes

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  I'VE MADE YOU ALL WET! yes, but my martini's still dry (full quote)
  you know that making love to fatima was the greatest pleasure of your life. WELL, THERE WAS THIS GIRL IN PHILIDELPHIA........ (full quote)
  1. A man DID try to kill me. 2. Oh, really? Caught you seducing his wife, did he? (full quote)
10929 --Mr. Bond, I need a urine sample. If you could fill this becker for me? --From here? (full quote)
10929 --Never again. --Never? (full quote)
10929 --Have you got a mission, James? --Yes. I am to eliminate all free radicals. --Ooh. Be careful. (full quote)
10929 --Good to see you, Mr. Bond. Things have been awfully dull around here. I hope we're going to see some gratuitous sex and violence. --I certainly hope so too. (full quote)
10929 I'll have a double Bloody Mary with plenty of Worcestershire sauce. (full quote)
droshky [Fatima Blush lands in James Bond's arms when she water-skis up the ramp to the bar.]Fatima: Oh, how reckless of me. I made you all wet. James Bond: Uh, yes, but my martini is still dry... My name is James. (full quote)
droshky M: Too many free radicals. That's your problem. James Bond: Free radicals, sir? M: Yes. They're toxins that destroy the body and the brain, caused by eating too much red meat and white bread and too many dry martinis! James Bond: Then I shall cut out the white bread, sir. (full quote)
10929 Never say never again. (full quote)
44723 Well you did say you would catch me later. (full quote)