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P & B - 1983 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
  Pool and a pond....pond would good for you (full quote)
26002 Quite a wife you got there, Mitz. what does she do in her spare time? Sand back the walls of oil tankers? (full quote)
26002 What a nice dog. What's its name? herpes. If she's good, she'll heel. (full quote)
  He is your penguin (full quote)
  He wants to kdon't have anything! Oh be ill me so bad he can taste it! Put youre guns down i dont have anything what do you need a gun for?! If it weren't gor the camera men they woult kill us all! (full quote)
  the man with 2 brains (full quote)
  Babies don't sleep this well. (full quote)
  face OFF (full quote)
  freeze dirt bag (full quote)