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Right Stuff, The - 1983 Movie Quotes

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19580 1) I'm told Gordo I'm leaving him. 2) what did he say? 1) He maintained an even strain. (full quote)
19580 Put the spurs to 'er, Chuck! (full quote)
19580 whatta think, Chuck? He look like someone who'd put dodo in the capsule? (full quote)
19580 1) Whatta you two rookies gonna have? 2) Rookies? Now hold on ,sis! You are lookin' at a whole new ballgame, here, now. In fact, a couple more years, I bet you're gonna immortalize us by puttin' our pictures up on that wall! What? I say somethin' wrong here, or...? 1) I tell you what, we got two catagories of pilots around here. You got your prime pilots, that get all the hot planes; and you got your pudknockers, who DREAM of gettin' the hot planes. Now, what are you two PUDKNOCKERS gonna have? 2) Scotch? (full quote)
19580 Glenn: I don't want anything puttin' this program in a bad light. We've got the opputunity of a lifetime; and I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna stand by and let other people compromise the whole darn thing! You know, and I know, this could lead to something very unfortunate. Cooper: Who's tickin' you off? Glenn: I'm talkin' about the playin' around that's goin' on, I'm talkin' about the young girls, talkin' about the cookies; I'm talkin' about keepin' our pants zipped and our wicks dry! Sheperd: Mr. Glenn, you are WAY outta line! I'd advise you not to try to foist your view of morality on anybody else in this group! Each man here has volunteered to do a job. Each man here is devoting long hours of training to prepare for it, and doing many things above and beyond the strict call of duty; such as moral, touring factories... Glenn: Such as bringing girls up to your rooms in the middle of the night! Sheperd:...and forgoing any semblence of an orderly, family life! And Mr. Glenn, as long as a man uses good sense, what he does with his zipper, or his wick, is his own business! (Fighting breaks out the Mercury Seven) (full quote)
19580 1) Hey, Ridley, got any Beamon's? 2) Yeah, I think I got a stick! 1) loan me one, will ya? I'll pay ya back. 2) Fair enough! (full quote)
19580 There was a demon that lived in the air! They said whoever challenged him would die! (full quote)
10929 --How bad did you ding 'em? --Well, you might say as I broke a couple of the son 'a bitches. (full quote)
10929 --You know what makes this bird go up? Funding makes this bird go up! --He's right! No bucks, no Buck Rogers! (full quote)
10929 --I'm a fearless man, but I'm scared to death of you. --Oh, no you're not. But you oughta be. (full quote)
10929 Request permission to relieve bladder. (full quote)
10929 Our Germans are better than their Germans. (full quote)
10929 You mean you don't want our best pilots? (full quote)
10929 Who was the pilot I ever saw? Well, you're looking at him. (full quote)
10929 The sound barrier is a farm you can buy in the sky. (full quote)
  John Glenn-Hey, ya got any beemans? (full quote)
33944 Lord ... please don't let me fuck up (full quote)
42119 We got two kinds of pilots here. We got your prime pilots, those who get the hot planes. And we got your pudknockers, those who dream of getting the hot planes. what'ya pudknockers have? (full quote)
33944 1/ It's called Sputnik!!! 2/ We know, sit down!! (full quote)
33944 1/ It's Gagarin!!! 2/ We know, sit down!! (full quote)
33944 The man has to go!! (full quote)
38042 what did they want to me to do in here, cook? (full quote)
10929 How the hell did they get ahead of us? Our German scientists are better than their German scientists. (full quote)
44723 An astronaut named Gus!? (full quote)
44723 My name Jose Jimenez. (full quote)
42119 1. Ridley, you got any Beeman's (gum) on you? 2. You know I might have me a stick 1. Well, loan me some. I'll pay you back tomorrow 2. Fair enough (full quote)
42119 You know Mr. Shepherd, we think your Jose Jimenez impression is A-OK. But you're doing with it is B-A-D (full quote)
  1/_Hey Ridley, you got any Beemans? 2/_Yeah, I think I got me a stick 1/_Well, loan me some, will ya? I'll pay you back later 2/_Fair nuff (full quote)
33944 Alright, so now I'm cooler than you are, now you fix your little problems and light this candle!!! (full quote)
33944 Waltzing Matilda?... I thought Hank Williams wrote that (full quote)
33944 God-speed, John Glenn! (full quote)
33944 Hey! This is NOT about pussy... this is about monkey (full quote)
33944 Get outta here, you gadgets! (full quote)
33944 He's a pilot! You tell him the condition of his craft! (full quote)
33944 Go Hotdog go!!! (full quote)
33944 1/_Hey Ridley? 2/_Yeah? 1/_You got any Beeman's? 2/_Yeah I think I might have me a stick 1/_Well loan me some will ya?, I'll pay you back later 2/_Fair nuff! 1/_I think I see a plane over there with my name on it 2/_Now ya talkin'! (full quote)
33944 There was a demon that lived in the air. They said whoever challenged him would die. Their controls would freeze up, their planes would buffet wildly, and they would disintegrate. The demon lived at Mach 1 on the meter, seven hundred and fifty miles an hour, where the air could no longer move out of the way. He lived behind a barrier through which they said no man could ever pass. They called it the sound barrier (full quote)
33944 On that glorious day in May 1963, Gordo Cooper went higher, farther, and faster than any other American - 22 complete orbits around the world.... he was the last American ever to go into space alone. And for a brief moment, Gordo Cooper became the greatest pilot anyone had ever seen (full quote)
33944 Well Yeager, you old bastard. Don't just stand there in the doorway like some lonesome god-damn mouse shit sheep-herder, get your ass over here and have a drink! (full quote)
33944 The best results seem to be obtained through fantasization, accompanied by masturbation, followed by ejaculation (full quote)
33944 See, some peckerwood's gotta get the thing up. And some peckerwood's gotta land the son of a bitch. And that peckerwood is called a pilot (full quote)
marvin mcgoo The refrigerator is full.Pretty good huh? (full quote)
marvin mcgoo whats a jimp? (full quote)
pmbtx 1) Is that a man there? 2) You're damn right it is! (full quote)
pmbtx Sounds dangerous. Count me in. (full quote)