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Sleepaway Camp - 1983 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
7241 Hurry or you'll miss the bus. No I'm afraid that would'nt do at all. (full quote)
  Fresh chicken! (full quote)
  I have to take a wicked dump! (full quote)
14054 You're a real carpenter's dream. Flat as a bored and needs a screw! (full quote)
  Whats the matter? why dont you want to shower with the rest of the girls? Is it because you've got no hair down below? (full quote)
  Here are your physicals! Now don't tell anyone how you got them. Now I'm afraid they wouldnt approve at all. (full quote)
  Chicken Shit! (full quote)
  She probally wrote a lot of letters!!!!!HAHA (full quote)
27825 1)Eat shit and die, Ricky. 2) Eat shit and live, bill. (full quote)
  Jesus, that must've been incredible! (full quote)
  You're gonna fuckin' pay for this! Cocksuckers! (full quote)
  The name's Meg. M-E-G. (full quote)
  The little bitch won't answer me, she never answers me! (full quote)
  Poor guy must be goin' crazy. (full quote)
  look at all that young fresh chicken. makes your mouth water, don't it? (full quote)
  wasn't that nice of me....hmmmm? (full quote)
  Hey bob-a-re-bob, hey hey bob-a-re-bob. (full quote)
  good old mom is at it again (full quote)
43203 EAT SHIT AND DIE, RICKY!!!! (full quote)