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Superman III - 1983 Movie Quotes

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5172 (1)I was born rich, never worn the same pair of socks twice. (2) what do you do with your socks? (1)I don't know, they're laundered and sent to some charitable institution, I think. Actually, I don't know what they do with them. Maybe they turn them into dust rags or pen wipers or something like that. (2) Or maybe socks. (full quote)
5172 A wise man once said, I think it was Atilla the Hun, It is not enough that I succeed, everyone else must fail. (full quote)
5172 (1) I didn't have my camera with me. (2) A photographer eats with his camera, a photographer sleeps with his camera! (3) I'm glad I'm a writer. (full quote)
5172 (1) That's his sister, Vera Webster. (2) The picture looks fuzzy. (1) what?! (3) The pictures fine, she . . . she looks like that in real life. (full quote)
5172 (1) How can I help? (2) Get this man a helmet! Oh, it's you. Forget the helmet! (full quote)
5172 Columbia has two important exports, and one of them's coffee. (full quote)
  ROSS WEBSTER:He didn't die? I ask you to kill Superman,and you're telling me you couldn't even do that one simple thing? (full quote)
33944 You mean to tell me that I ask you to kill Superman and you can't even do that one simple thing???? (full quote)
10929 Never underestimate the power of computers. (full quote)
10929 computers rule the world today. (full quote)
  How can he say that pure categories have no objective meaning in transcendental logic? what about synthetic unity? (full quote)