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2010 - 1984 Movie Quotes

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4108 Dr. Chandra, I'm ready to stop the countdown if you want. (full quote)
4108 good morning, Dr. Chandra. This is HAL. I'm ready for my first lesson. (full quote)
4108 The answer is, I am aware of these facts. Nevertheless, you must leave within two days. (full quote)
5172 This is a good game, it's called, The Truth. (full quote)
5172 Someday, the children of the new sun will meet the children of the old. I think they will be our friends. (full quote)
5172 (1) You see, something's going to happen. You must leave. (2) what? what's gonna happen? (1) Something wonderful. (full quote)
5172 Whether we are based on carbon or silicon makes no fundamental difference. We should each be treated with appropriate respect. (full quote)
5172 I don't know if Hal is homicidal, suicidal, neurotic, psychotic, or just plain broken. (full quote)
5172 My God, it's full of stars! (full quote)
19580 1) easy as cake! 2) Pie! easy as pie! (full quote)
  1 - Piece of pie | 2 - Cake! Piece of cake. (full quote)
10929 I'm completely operational and all my circuits are functioning perfectly. (full quote)
10929 I do seem to remember a process where you people ask me questions and I give you answers, and then I ask you questions and you give me answers. And that's the way we find out things. I think I read that in a manual somewhere. (full quote)
10929 --Dr. Chandra, will I dream? --I don't know. (full quote)
10929 --I miss a hot dog. --Astrodome. Good hot dogs there. --Astrodome? You can't grow a good hot dog indoors. Yankee Stadium. September. The hot dogs have been broiling since opening day in April. Now that's a hot dog. --The yellow mustard or the darker kind? --The darker kind. --Very important. (full quote)
10929 If it has to taste like this, I don't care if my electrolytes are imbalanced or not (full quote)
10929 Whether we are based on carbon or silicon makes no fundamental difference. We should each be treated with appropriate respect. (full quote)
10929 --I understand now, Dr. Chandra. Thank you for telling me the truth. --You deserve it. (full quote)
10929 HAL was told to lie, by people who find it easy to lie. HAL doesn't know how. (full quote)
  Dr Floyd, I've been allowed to give you a message. You must leave in 3 days. Allowed? By who? I can't explain. You see something is going to happen. what? what's going to happen? Something wonderful. Another message if all goes well Dr. Floyd. (full quote)
  Have you checked Discovery's orbit lately? (full quote)
10929 SAL-9000. (full quote)
10929 Will I dream? (full quote)
JIMSOMNIAC 1) The yellow mustard, or the darker one? 2) Darker. 1) It's important. (full quote)
marvin mcgoo I was David Bowman. (full quote)
marvin mcgoo 1.Have you checked Discoveries orbit lately? 2.Of course I've checked it,what are you saying? 1.We have the ship to get you there....however you have the knowledge to make it work. (full quote)
total Easy as a piece of pie (full quote)