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Blame It on Rio - 1984 Movie Quotes

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9536 what's that dear, your composition... what I did on my summer vacation. (full quote)
11538 (Matthew)But they're naked! (Victor)Try to picture them with clothes on. (full quote)
11538 (Nikki)I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat anything with parents. (Matthew)Have an artichoke. They're orphans. (full quote)
11538 (Nikki)He's a drummer. (Matthew)Can he beat out 'Hello' on the table? (full quote)
11538 (Victor)Those two over there are alone. (Matthew)There's probably a reason for it. (full quote)
11538 (Victor)That lady is my kinda guy. (full quote)
11538 (Victor)How'd you like to lose two feet off your nose? (full quote)
11538 (Victor)You can get a hernia from rock and roll. (full quote)
11538 (Victor)She wants a June divorce. She's very sentimental. (full quote)
11538 (Victor)I didn't know they were back together. He had a thing with his secretary. (Matthew)Looks like he brought his thing back home. (full quote)
11538 (Matthew)I've always had a problem handling nudity. I like it, mind you. But it is troubling. Anybody's. Even my own. Sometimes, when I'm getting undressed, I almost wish I could leave the room. You know what I mean? (full quote)
11538 (Matthew)Why don't we get dressed and go in for a swim? (full quote)
11538 (Victor)Lawyers! You'd think I was cheating on them! (full quote)
11538 (Victor)She wants half of everything I've got! I wish I had herpes. (full quote)
11538 You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a 'poor daddy.' (full quote)
  JENNIFER:make love to me. MATTHEW:I'm twenty years older than you. JENNIFER:Twenty-eight. MATTHEW:No,no,twenty-five. (full quote)
  JENNIFER:You're a fantastic lover! MATTHEW:Don't talk like that! JENNIFER:Why? Will you tell my father? MATTHEW:There's nothing to tell! Last night never happenned! JENNIFER:I know. I was there when it didn't. (full quote)
  VICTOR(reading from diary):He's a much better lover than Moose. MATTHEW:Moose? Who the hell's Moose? VICTOR:Must be some kid at school. She never told me about him either. MATTHEW:How can you send her to a school where the guys are called Moose? (full quote)
10929 --Will you forget me? --The minute I die. (full quote)
10929 --Last night never happened. --I know. I was there when it didn't. (full quote)
10929 I must be doing something right. (full quote)
10929 Nothing to say. (full quote)
10929 It was like asking the arsonist to be the fire chief. (full quote)