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Footloose - 1984 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
2946 I'll sing to you of silver swans, of kingdoms and carrilons, I'll sing of body's intertwined, underneath an innocent sky (full quote)
2946 Amy, you are so lame! (full quote)
2946 Uh-oh, he's takin the car (full quote)
2946 We're gonna turn this town upside down! (full quote)
4049 We'd come out here, just a few of us, and when the train comes, we'd make out like crazy (full quote)
4049 1.) Don't you wanna kiss me? 2.) Well, I get the feeling you've been kissed a lot, I'm afraid I'd suffer by comparison. (full quote)
4049 what is this someday shit? (full quote)
4049 Hey I like that hat! You sell men's clothes where you get that? (full quote)
4049 Burn in hell, this says burn in hell! (full quote)
  Let's DAAAAAAAAANCE!!! (full quote)
  Jump back! (full quote)
  I think Ren is a total fox. (full quote)
  My daddy hates me wearing these boots. (full quote)
  what did David do? what did David do? what DID David do? David... danced! Leaping and dancing before the Lord. LEAPING AND DANCING! (full quote)
6056 You're dying to screw McCormack. (full quote)
6056 We danced, we danced our asses off! (full quote)
6056 We got family feud! (full quote)
6056 Don't stop, don't stop, make Ginger pop! (full quote)
6056 You'd wrap those skinny legs around anyone. (full quote)
6348 Been workin to damn hard, im punchin that same card, eight hours bustin my butt oh tell me what I got (full quote)
7327 #1 i don't fight. #2 Yeah, and i don't breathe. (full quote)
7327 ..and he is watching us,every everyday (full quote)
  And on a full moon he sneaks into churchyards and bites heads off of chickens. (full quote)
13080 1: Do you like Men at Work? 2: Which men? 1: Men at Work. 2: Where do they work? 1: No, they're a music group. 2: Oh, what are they called? 1: Oh no! what about the Police? Have you heard them? 2: No, but I've seen 'em. 1: Where, at a concert? 2: No, behind you. (full quote)
14617 Hey I like your hat (full quote)
14617 If I have to go up in front of the whole town, your going to learn to dance (full quote)
13080 1: I thought only pansies wore neckties. 2: I thought only assholes used the word pansy. (full quote)
  looks good looks real good (full quote)
  (full quote)
16227 Don’t you want to kiss me? Well, I get the feeling you’ve been kissed a lot and I’m afraid I’d suffer by comparison. (full quote)
16227 Arial, right? Very good. (full quote)
24986 1) Hey, you're the new kid? what happened to your tie? I thought only pansies wore ties. 2) Oh yeah, well I thought only assholes used the word 'pansy' (full quote)
24986 Oh-oh....he's taking the car again. (full quote)
24986 Well how come when I'm here you're not interested in what I say or do until I walk out that door.....BAM! You wanna know everything!! (full quote)
24986 Think you'll ever kiss me? (full quote)
24986 1) You think I'm small town? 2) I think Blumont is a small town... 3)I'm going away. I've already applied to colleges...I've applied to colleges my father doesn't even know I've applied to. He's gonna come after me...but I'm gonna be gone. (full quote)
  Hey McCormack, I thought only pansies wore ties. Ren McCormack: Yeah, well i thought only assholes used the word pansy. (full quote)
24986 1) Hey! I came with that girl! 2) Doesn't look like you're leavin' wit' her! (full quote)
24986 Ren: How come he sent you? Ariel: I volounteered. (full quote)
24986 Oh yeah, that's a good book. Slaughter House's a classic. (full quote)
  Hey, I thought only pansies wore ties! Well that's funny, I thought only ass holes used the word 'pansy. (full quote)
  Your mother didn't think you had any money (full quote)
  Just because he hasn't lived in this town for 20 years, it doesn't make him a troublemaker! (full quote)
  Chuck: Hey I only thought that pansy's wore neck ties. Rein: You see i thought only assholes used the word pansy. (full quote)
  Willard: My cousin she can't dance where she lives. Rein: Why did she get busted for boppin? (full quote)
  Chuck: Hey I thought only pansies wore neckties. Rein: You see there, I thought only assholes used the word pansy. (full quote)
  i drink better than i dance. (full quote)
  Chuck your a god damn hero when its five to one. (full quote)
  Hey Ren, hey sport, when this hat flies in the air you better have your butt in gear. (full quote)
  Well I gotta cut loose footloose kick off my sunday shoes (full quote)
29939 1) C'mon what is it, Chuck? I never thought he had all his dogs barking anyway. Besides, what's wrong in getting psyched over Ren? He's cute. And he's from out out town don't tell me that doesn't throw you away I know you much too well. You want to get out of here so bad you probably memorized bus schedules. 2) And you don't? (full quote)
29939 1) What's her story? Is she really that tough? 2) Nah, she's just trying to make people forget she's the preacher's kid. Some think she's a hell raiser. 1) Yeah? Is that what you think? 2) I think she's been kissed a lot. (full quote)
Kris #1 Hey, howcome he sent you #2 I volunteered (full quote)
34992 1) You like men at work? 2)where do they work? 1) No man its a music group. How bout the Police? 2)I seen them. 1)Oh yeah, in concert? 2)No, behind you. (full quote)
caquinn2 Jump back. (full quote)