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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - 1984 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
1501 Hang on lady. We going for a ride! (full quote)
1501 (Character name), prepare to meet Kali! (full quote)
1501 We're not drowning! We're crashing! (full quote)
  That's why they call it the jungle sweetheart. (full quote)
  Fortune and glory kid. Fortune and glory (full quote)
4921 Hey, lady! You call him Dr. Jones! (full quote)
6041 1)You're gonna get killed chasing your damn fortune and glory!! 2)Maybe ... but not today. (full quote)
6748 I hate water! I hate getting wet! And I hate YOU! (full quote)
4921 Too much drink, Dr. Jones! (full quote)
2489 Magic rocks,my grandfather was a magicain. Spend his entire life with a pigon in his pocket and a rabbit up his sleeve. Magic rocks,fortune and glory. Good night Dr. Jones. (full quote)
2489 I step where you step. I touch nothing. (full quote)
2489 Were are you going? I'd sleep closer if I were you. Right now I'd feel safer with a snake. (full quote)
  Give me your hat. Why? Because I'm going to puke in it! (full quote)
  Give me your hat. Why? Because I'm going to puke in it! (full quote)
  No time for love, Dr.Jones! (full quote)
  MAN #1: I heard they wanted to cut off your head.MAN #2: No, it wasn't my head.MAN #1: Well, then your hands, then?MAN #2: No it wasn't my hands, it was my (looks down) misunderstanding. (full quote)
2489 Are you trying to develop a sense of humor or am I going deaf? (full quote)
2489 I keep telling you, you listen to me more, you live longer! (full quote)
2489 Nothing shocks me. I'm a scientist. (full quote)
2489 No time for love, Dr. Jones! (full quote)
Beat Rice Indy: You're insulting them and you're embarassing me. (full quote)
Beat Rice Willie: I'm not that kind of a girl! *Indy finds antidote and drinks it* Willie: I hope you choke. (full quote)
Shadrach Mola Ram, prepare to meet Hell! (full quote)
Shadrach Aah, dessert! Chilled monkey brains! (full quote)
Shadrach Aah, snake surprise! (full quote)
Shadrach We're not going to New Delhi, we're going to Pankot Palace. (full quote)
Shadrach 1) Look at all the birds! 2) They're not birds, they're bats. (full quote)
7268 You cheat, Dr. Jones! You cheat! (full quote)
7268 1) Look at all the birds! 2) They're not birds, doll, they're giant vampire bats. (full quote)
9581 I hate the water! and I hate being wet! and I hate YOU!! (full quote)
10110 what a vivid imagination. (full quote)
13300 Fortune and glory kid, fortune and glory (full quote)
449 step on it short-round.....ok hold on to your potato (full quote)
12206 WILLIE!! WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!! (full quote)
12206 Soon,...Kahli Mah vill rule de world (full quote)
  We are going to die! (full quote)
  Look lady! Strong Bridge! (full quote)
16104 We are going to die (full quote)
16104 Look lady, strong bridge (full quote)
13714 Excuse me sir, I need a guide to Dehli. (full quote)
  INDY! NO more PARACHUTES!! (full quote)
  That's the maharajah, kid! (full quote)
  I hate that elephant. (full quote)
  Hang on to your potatos Dr. Jones (full quote)
  You call him doctor Jones, DOLL! (full quote)
  You call him Dr Jones, DOLL (full quote)
  Willy!! We Are Going TO DIE!!!!! (full quote)
  There are two dead people down here! There're going to be two dead people IN HERE! (full quote)
  Chow che lat su sunsa (full quote)
  Get out of my plane! (full quote)
  Willie: Let me in! Shorty: No let us out! Willie: LET ME IN! Shorty: NO LET US OUT! Indy: SHUT UP! (full quote)
  WE WALK FROM HERE (full quote)
Cryslin 1: what is he nutz! 2: He no nutz he's crazy!! (full quote)
10929 Anything Goes. (full quote)
beekers 1)Give me your hat! 2)Why? 1)So I can throw up in it! (full quote)
beekers Sounds like fortune cookies! (full quote)
13307 Moluram! Prepare to meet Cahli! In Hell!!! (full quote)
20182 Okey-dokey Dr. Jones (full quote)
20947 Willie, WE ARE GOING TO DIE!! (full quote)
21540 Maybe he likes older women... (full quote)
crowecat You're not one of them! Please come back to us. Don't leave me! (full quote)
crowecat (Chanting:)Mola Ram, Sudaram...Mola Ram, Sudaram(/b> (full quote)
29029 1. You can fly a plane, can't you? 2. No. Can you? (full quote)
29029 I've been with you on many adventures, but into the great unknown, I go first. (full quote)
29029 I could have been your greatest adventure. (full quote)
30356 Cover your heart Dr. Jones! (full quote)
Arsey Short Round, step on it! (full quote)
33302 You call him Doctor Jones...doll (full quote)
33501 The floor is crunchy, it feel like fortune cookie. (full quote)
42042 1: There are two dead people in here! 2: There are going to be two dead people in here! (full quote)
42042 Not very funny (full quote)
OneWingedAngel You call him Dr. Jones doll! (full quote)
OneWingedAngel Nice try Lao Che! (full quote)
mlcc what is this (full quote)