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Karate Kid, The - 1984 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
4768c Banzai, Danielsan! (full quote)
4768c Wax on, wax off... (full quote)
4768c Look eye, always look eye! (full quote)
  Daniel: You got a name? Ali: Ali with an i. Hey, what's your name? Daniel: Daniel with an l. (full quote)
disue5 First learn stand...then learn fly...nature's rule..Daniel-san, not mine. (full quote)
disue5 Better learn balance...balance is key. Balance good...everything good. Balance bad...better pack up and go home. (full quote)
disue5 First wash all cars...then wax..remember questions. Wax on, right hand..wax off left hand..breathe in through nose...out of mouth...don't forget to breathe...very important. (full quote)
5331 gettum a body bag ya! (full quote)
5331 is there a problem mr. lawrence?!?! (full quote)
4049 Well, well, well, what do we have here? Our little freind Danielle (full quote)
4049 Girl#1:I don't know what she sees in him Girl#2: She must be into fungus (full quote)
4049 Daniel can come too if it's ok with his mommy (full quote)
4049 To me, it looks as if the whole world turned blond! (full quote)
4049 Aw,mom,she buries Judy in a second (full quote)
5150a Mercy is for the weak. Here. On the street. In competition. A man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy what is the problem Mr. Lawrence? (full quote)
5150a what kind of bike do you have, Daniek, is it a Honda, Suzuki, what? It's actually like a Miagi Turbo actually. (full quote)
5150a I gotta take Karate, that's it. You took karate. Nah, notatthe, notatthe Y, the good schools. (full quote)
5150a Fighting doesn't solve anything. Yeah, well neither does palm trees, ma. (full quote)
5150a You look revenge that way, start by digging grave. (full quote)
5150a what belt do you have? Canvas. You like. JC Penny $3.98. (full quote)
5150a In Okinawa belt mean no need rope hold up pants. (full quote)
7472 young bee need young flower, not old prune. (full quote)
Shadrach A man confronts you, he is your enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy. (full quote)
  You Karate do yes or you Karate do no, you Karate do so so sooner or later -squish- just like bug (full quote)
  come on jonny, put him in a body bag. (full quote)
  I am a senior.. I got one year to make it happen... and thats what i'm going to do...make it happen (full quote)
12216 Let me see your baby browns. (full quote)
12216 Let me see your baby browns. (full quote)
  Ohoh, Daniel-san, you all wet behind the ear! Hahahahaha! (full quote)
13715 help me, help me, my flower needs water. (full quote)
14386 Look, kid's got himself a pet nip (full quote)
14386 1.)Excuse please boy cold, must go home, kindly remove bottle 2.)Kindly do it yourself, Mr. Motto (full quote)
  I eat karate mother fucker so fuck off (full quote)
  help me, help me, I need my cherry popped. (full quote)
  Last lines: Hey Mr. Miyagi! We did it! We did it, allright! Woo Hoo! (full quote)
20947 Daniel: Hey. Ali: Oh, your eye. what happened? Daniel: Oh, it's terrible. It was this gigantic runaway zit. Susan: THat's gross. Ali: Daniel, this is Susan. Daniel: Hi. Susan: Charmed. (full quote)
  Miyagi: Ask one more small thing. Kreese: Make it fast. Miyagi: Ask leave boy alone. To train. Kreese: Well, you're a pushy little bastard, aintcha? But I like that. I like that. Alright. No one touches the primadonna until the tournament. Is that understood? Students: YES, SENSEI! Kreese: But if you don't show, then it's open season on him, and you. (full quote)
20947 Daniel: How come you didn't tell me? Miyagi: Tell you what? Daniel: That you knew karate? Miyagi: You never ask. (full quote)
20947 Daniel (handing Ali part of his costume, while running from the bathroom, after spraying Johnny with water hose): It's comin' around!! (full quote)
20947 Daniel: Smile... She's got an excellent smile. She beaut- I'd say she's beautiful, I think she's beautiful. She's hot. Definitely hot. (full quote)
  I hate this bike! I hate this freakin' bike! Freaking bike.. I wanna go home.. please can we go home! Why can't we just go home!? (full quote)
  Sweep the leg, Johnny (full quote)
  Man who catch fly with chopstick, accomplish anything. (full quote)
  sweep the leg, but sensay i can beat him, put him out of commision (full quote)
  Sweep the leg! You got a problem with that Ms. Ross? (full quote)
  bonzi!! (full quote)
  It must be take a worm for a walk week (full quote)
  Oh and more your Miagi (full quote)
  never knew you had girlfriend. look good together. (full quote)
  Ref: You okay Padel? Padel: I'm okay. (full quote)
  Is there a problem Lawrence (full quote)
  Get him a body bag yeah!!! (full quote)
  Wax on, Wax off (full quote)
  get em a body bag (full quote)
  dojo (full quote)
  How many roads can a man walk down, before you can call him a man who has walked down many roads? (full quote)
  mercy is for the weak (full quote)
10929 --Hey, where did these old cars come from? --Detroit. (full quote)
20947 1: Daniel-san, no need fight anymore. You prove point. 2: What point? That I can take a beating? I'll never have balance that way. Not with them, not with Ali... Not with me. (full quote)
20947 You talking to me? (full quote)
20947 Daniel Larusso's gonna fight? Daniel Larusso's gonna fight! Now isn't this what it's all about, folks? You KNOW IT!! How's the leg, son? ...All right, he's being a man! The final fight will determine our new All Valley champion!! (full quote)
20947 Hey, karate kid! (full quote)
20947 This place is a dump. You should go back to New Jersey (full quote)
20947 {This is just a note to those of you who don't know too much about the movie: Their names are spelled Larusso, no capital R, Ali, 'with an I', and Miyagi. Okay?} (full quote)
20947 {That last 'quote' was not even a quote. So how the hell did it get a score of 3????} (full quote)
20947 {People, STOP VOTING on quotes that are not even quotes!!!!} (full quote)
20947 {You people are impossible.} (full quote)
20947 Daniel: what are these, bongos? Wait, I got it: Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna! Krishna Krishna! Mr. Miyagi: Oh, you much humor, Daniel-san. Daniel: So what are they for? Mr. Miyagi: I show you... Sand the floor. Sand the floor. Big circles. Daniel: Wouldn't it be easier to just go back and forth? Mr. Miyagi: Yes but you go circle. (full quote)
20947 Miyagi: Excuse please. Boy cold. Kindly remove bottle. Drunk Man: Kindly do it yourself, Mr. Moto. Miyagi: {BREAKS BOTTLES} Drunk Man: {FEARFULLY MOVES BOTTLES} Daniel: How'd you do that? How'd you do that??? Miyagi: Don' know. First time. (full quote)
20947 Susan: what kinda bike you got? Honda? Suzuki? what? Daniel: No, it's a... Miyagi Turbo, actually. (full quote)
20947 FEAR does not exist in this dojo, does it? NO SENSEI! PAIN does not exist in this dodo, does it? NO SENSEI! DEFEAT does not exist in this dodo, does it? NO SENSEI! (full quote)
20947 Mercy is for the weak. We do not train to be merciful here. Here, on the streets, in competition, a man confronts you he is the enemy! An enemy deserves NO MERCY. (full quote)
20947 1:Oh, your forehead. what happened? 2:Oh, it's terrible. It's this gigantic runaway zit. 3:That's GROSS. 1:Daniel, this is Susan. 2:Hi. 3:Charmed. (full quote)
20947 You know points, or no points, you're DEAD MEAT. (full quote)
20947 Ali: You did all that damage? Daniel: Don't you know when you make a wish in a shower, it always comes true? Ali: I shoulda kept my mouth shut! Daniel: Well, we made an agreement. They promised not to beat up on me, and I promised not to get my blood on there clothes. (full quote)
20947 Daniel: Hey, sorry about that eye the other day, Johnny. Shoulder okay, Tommy? You guys be careful not to go stepping in front of any more busses, now. Bobby: Hold it! Remember what sensei said? We gotta wait for the tournament. Tommy: It must be take a worm for a walk week! (full quote)
20947 Daniel: Hey, Freddy! Freddy: Hey, karate kid! Let's see the moves! Guy #1: He can show us how to get your butt kicked! Guy #2: I already know that move! (full quote)
20947 Daniel: where'd we get this? Miyagi: Buddha provide. (full quote)
20947 Official: Excuse me, only teachers and students allowed on the competion floor. Daniel: Well, he doesn't speak English. And I can't understand his instruction without her. She's the, uh, translater. Miyagi: (gibberish) Ali: He says you remind him of an uncle he has back in Tokyo. Official: I guess it's okay then. Miyagi: (gibberish) Ali: He says you are very kind. Official: Oh, thank you. Miyagi: Welcome. (full quote)
20947 Daniel: What are the rules here? Miyagi: Dunno. Daniel: What? I figured you went to these before. Oh, great, I'm dead. I am dead. You told me you fought a lot. Miyagi: Ha, for life, not for points. Ali: Look, Daniel, everything above your waist is a point. You can hit the stomach, the sternum, kidneys and the ribs. Daniel: What's that guy kneeling like that for? Miyagi: Dunno. Daniel: Don't you have anything you can tell me? Miyagi: Aye, no get hit. (full quote)
20947 Daniel: So I guess you know about the tournament tomorrow. Ali: Who doesn't? Daniel: Dumb move, huh? Ali: Not nessecarily. Daniel: I don't have much of a cheering section. Ali: You got ME. Daniel: I'll probably get killed in the first match, anyway. Ali: So we'll leave early. (Daniel kisses Ali) (full quote)
20947 Daniel: Smile... She's got an excellent smile... Really smart... She's beaut- I'D say she's beautiful, I think she's beatiful... Yeah... She's hot, definitely hot... Yeah... (full quote)
20947 help me! help me! My flower needs water!! (full quote)
20947 I've never danced in a shower before. (full quote)
20947 Daniel: All right, watch this. Hey, guys. Sorry about that eye there Johnny. Shoulder okay, Tommy? You guys be careful not to step in front of any more buses! Bobby{to Johnny}: Hold it! Remember what sensei said? We gotta wait until the tournament. Tommy: It must be 'take a worm for a walk week'! Ali: ...You did all that damage? Daniel: Well, don't you know when you make a wish in a shower, it always comes true? Ali: I should've kept my mouth shut! Daniel: We got a deal going. Ali: Yeah? Daniel: They agreed to quit beatin' up on me and I agreed not to get my blood on their clothes. (full quote)
20947 Lucille: We made it! This is it! This is the end of the line! Daniel: ...You're tellin' me... (full quote)
20947 [Lucille]: This is it! This is the end of the line! [Daniel]: You're tellin' me. (full quote)
20947 [Daniel]: Hey, wouldn't a fly swatter be easier? (full quote)
20947 [Lucille]: Look at those palm trees! Damn! You know what that means? [Daniel]: Yeah, watch out for falling coconuts. (full quote)
20947 Lucille: This is it it! This is the end of the line! Daniel: You're tellin' me (full quote)
20947 1: Can I tell my mom when? 2: When what? 1: When are you gonna fix the faucet? 2: After. 1: After what?! 2: After AFTER!!! (full quote)
23754 Daniel LaRusso's gonna fight! (full quote)
24986 OLD LADY: This place is a dump. You should go back to New Jersey. (full quote)
24986 Daniel LaRusso: How did you do that? How did you do that?! Miyagi: Don't know. First time. (full quote)
24986 SENSEI: I understand you roughed up some of my boys last night MIYAGI: Afraid got facts mixed up SENSEI: You calling my boy a liar?! (full quote)
27458 points or no points, your dead meat... dead meat. (full quote)
27458 must be take a worm for a walk week! (full quote)
OSUbmoc Get him a body bag!!!! (full quote)
29849 Squish, just like grape. (full quote)
29849 Squish, just like grape. (full quote)
33501 Karate here (pointing to Daniels head), karate here (pointing to Daniel's heart), karate no here (pointing to Daniel's hands). (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe #1: Hey look, the kid's got a pet nip. #2: You know any tricks, kid? (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe #1: Lookin' for a shortcut back to Newark, Daniel? #2 Naw, he wants to learn karate. Well here's your first lesson: how to take a fall! (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe #1: But she's blonde, isn't she? #2: Yeah, she's got blonde hair... (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe Invisible Man? (said with an Asian accent) (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe #1: You just broke my radio! #2: Yeah. (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe (quick burst from a portable radio): A-hey, hey-... (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe #1: Hey, who's for warmin'? #2: No, not me, Man. I'll pass. #3: Who you kiddin' Johnny? You know you're still the ace degenerate. #2: No, Man--EX-degenerate. 8 A.M. tomorrow I'm a senior, and I've got one year to make it work. And that's what I'm going to do--make it work. (full quote)
Burt B. Frobe Lucille! Let's go! Here they come! (full quote)
36947 Why'd you throw your bike away? Cuz I felt like it Ma! (full quote)
37417 It must be take-a-worm-for-a-walk week! (full quote)
bigclaude Damn bike, I hate this bike, I hate this damn bike!! (full quote)