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Last Starfighter, The - 1984 Movie Quotes

Posted ByQuote
6041 1) ...and did Galoka think that the Yooloos were too ugly to save? 2) Who's Galoka? 3)Nevermind. (full quote)
6809 If you don't go back to bed, I'll tell mom about your playboys. (full quote)
7352 1)I'll have everything figured out by the time we reach the frontier(BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP) 2)what's that? 1).....The frontier. (full quote)
7352 Sure, save the whales not the universe. (full quote)
1501 It's like a cave, that moves. But it doesn't. (full quote)
Cryslin 1. It’s going to be a slaughter! 2. That’s the spirit! 1. No! My slaughter! (full quote)
Cryslin 1. Don't worry I'll have it all figured out by the time we reach the Frontier. (Beeping noise) 2. whats that? 1. The Frontier (full quote)
26348 We're locked into the moon's gravitional pull, what do we do?We die! (full quote)
Marvin Acme Teriffic. I'm about to get killed a million miles from nowhere with a gung-ho iguana who tells me to relax. (full quote)
Marvin Acme Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada. (full quote)
Marvin Acme That particular Starfighter game was supposed to be delivered to Vegas, not some fleaspeck trailer park in the middle of tumbleweeds and tarantulas. So it must be fate, destiny, blind chance, luck even, that brings us together. (full quote)
10929 So it must be fate, destiny, blind chance, luck even, that brings us together. And as the poet said, the rest is history. (full quote)
michaeljhatch I'm about to be killed a million miles from nowhere. and a gung ho iguana tells me to Relax (full quote)
Marvin Acme You're walking away from history. History! Did Chris Columbus say he wanted to stay home? No. What if the Wright Brothers thought that only birds should fly? And did Galoka think the Yulus were too ugly to save? (full quote)
Strider A beta unit is a simuloid, an exact replica of you, only not as loud. (full quote)
Strider I told you, X, me and my—how did you put it--“strange sexual urges” aren’t talking to you anymore. (full quote)
Strider 1: Listen, X, I’m not any of those guys. I’m a kid from a trailer park. 2: If that’s what you think, then that’s all you’ll ever be. (full quote)
Strider Yes, Father, your mighty frontier grows weaker by the moment. (full quote)
Strider Are you a coward? Are you crazy? (full quote)
Strider What’s all the brouhaha? After all, he does have the gift. (full quote)
Strider 1: Where you from? 2: Earth, and we’re not at war with anybody except each other. (full quote)
Strider I was playing this game back home and this guy came up to me, only he’s not a guy, he’s an alien, right, and I get into his car, only it’s not a car, it’s a spaceship. And, ah, there’s been a big mistake. (full quote)
Strider Eons ago, our ancestors created our great frontier, a barrier of energy encircling the peaceful systems of the universe, forever shutting out the scourge that lurks beyond. (full quote)
Strider You don’t trifle with a Bogati. They love to fight. That’s why they’re perfect for this war. (full quote)
Strider Hurry up. We haven’t got much time. The briefing begins immediately. You’ll join the other recruits. (full quote)
Strider Where the hell is June? (full quote)
Strider Oh, he’s quick, he’s quick, he’s very quick. He’s speechless! (full quote)
Strider Welcome to Rylos, my boy! (full quote)
Strider He’s just saying how delighted he is that you’re here, and if there’s anything he can do to make your stay more enjoyable, just give him a ring. (full quote)
Strider There’s a perfectly logical explanation for all this. (full quote)