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Muppets Take Manhattan, The - 1984 Movie Quotes

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  >Okay, what'll ya have? >The number for the Board of Health! (full quote)
  BROOKE SHIELDS: Is something wrong? RAT: Do you believe in inter-species dating? BROOKE: Well, I've gone out with some rats before, if that's what you mean. (The rat faints) (full quote)
  PIGGY: I spy because I care! KERMIT: Well I care too! PIGGY: Well why don't you say so?! KERMIT: I JUST DID! PIGGY: ALL RIGHT! (They start screaming, then they try to catch their breath) GREGORY HINES: Keep the skates. Keep the skates. I don't use 'm anyway. Just like to run around in shorts. (Jogs off) (full quote)
  I DON'T KNOW!...How should I know?! Why's everybody always asking me?! Can't you take care of yourselves?! I don't know what to do next! We failed, all right?! We tried and we failed! (full quote)
10121 I'll trade w/anyone w/a jacuzzi! (full quote)
  PIGGY: CANCEL THE SHOW! HIIIII-YAH! (Knocks KERMIT across the room) (full quote)
  Hi ya, Lenny, sweetheart, I just flew in from the coast! Hey, I love your office, don't change a thing! (full quote)
  I'm stayin' here! The frog is staying!!! (full quote)
22216 So, I was like, look mother, it's my life ooookay? So if I want to live on a beach and walk around naked all day, then- (full quote)
22216 Maybe I'll go HOG wild! I'll stay home and you can bring home the bacon! Oh, the sounds of love:Soiee! Oink! Oink! (full quote)
22216 what better way could anything end? Hand in hand with a friend... (full quote)
23990 A FROG?!! In love with a PIG?! (full quote)
  Ocean breeze soap its like taking an ocean cruise, only theres no boat and you don't actually go anywhere (full quote)
  1. Something from the grill, Jill? 2. No, meat makes me ill, Gill. (full quote)
  GIL: Something from the grill, Jill? JILL: No, meat makes me ill, Gil. (They all start humming) (full quote)
10929 --Did anything go wrong at lunch? --My frog turned on me. --Yeah, I had some bad tuna myself. (full quote)